Month: February 2009

The Amazon Kindle Digital Reader

I read the other day that Amazon are releasing the second version of their electronic reader, the Amazon Kindle. It looks like a great little device but I think it’s going to be a few years before this kind of thing is accepted by the masses. Many are suggesting it …


Time For A Change

I’ve been in Rawai for over a month now but since I cannot train anymore, I will probably be going somewhere else in Thailand. I’ve not trained for a week now and to put it bluntly, I’ve been really bored. I had planned on staying here the full time to …


Night Out At Freedom Bar

Most foreigners in Rawai go to a bar called Freedom at the weekend. It’s run by a few English guys and is where most people from the gym go. Here are some pictures from a night out there a few weeks ago (Saturday 24th January). Cameron (Australia) with Pippin, the …


A Taste Of Paradise

Just about every day we go to a great little restaurant across the street called Archees. It’s run by a really nice family. They are always smiling and laughing and make us feel really welcome. We’ve been there most days for over 5 weeks now so they are really great …


Looking For Assistance With Tech Forum

I am looking to start putting more energy into my tech forum Electric Bandits. Please contact me or leave a message if you think that you can assist in some way. Specifically I am looking for : Forum Posters – Posters must have a strong grasp of english and be …


Men Who Wear G-Strings Should Be Shot

Myself, James and Cameron went down to the beach the other day. After swimming in the Sea I lay down on my towel and was just chilling out. I was doing my best to relax but it was very difficult as there was an Italian man in his 40s playing …


Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

I talked about Amazon emailing me a few months ago about purchasing Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method: The Complete Edition. Basically, at the start of September they emailed me saying it was being released and that they thought I’d like the book. So I placed the order. It was delayed and …


Who’s On First?

The famous who’s on first sketch from Abbott and Costello. Enjoy :)

I Pulled My Calf Muscle

I mentioned the other day that I got cramp in my right leg at the end of Mondays afternoon training session. I assumed it was cramp at first, mainly because thats what the trainers said it was. But after a few days I still cannot walk and the symptons appear …


Pancetta Pizza

We went out last night to an Italian restaurant in Rawai called M & M. I ordered a Pancetta Pizza which had mozarella, bacon, onion and egg. As you can see, the egg was not diced and placed on top of the pizza or even mixed into the sauce. It …