AC Transit Bus Fight

My brother Darren asked if I had seen the AC Transit Bus Fight clip tonight. For those who haven’t seen it, here is a summary for you all. Basically, a Vietnam Veteran named Tom is sitting on a bus talking about going to a funeral and needing to get his …


Where Do Black People and White People Buy Furniture?

I honestly thought this was just some silly internet clip when I found it. Though apparently this is the advertisement that Red House Furniture used to promote itself around North Carolina (USA). Oh and before you go, remember to order a T-Shirt! :)

Non payers on eBay

A week or so ago I decided to sell my HTC Hero (T-Mobile G2 Touch) as I was frustrated by the touchscreen; I really am terrible at typing without hard keys. Therefore I decided to purchase a Blackberry Bold 9700. So far I am loving it, though I usually feel …


Ever met one of your heroes?

Have you ever met one of your heroes? I’m not really one to get star struck and have never had any interest in hanging around to get autographs or anything like that. Though they always say that you will be disappointed if you do meet your heroes. I came across …


Go away Winter

Will this damn season never end!!!

Chav Granny

Remember kids, respect your elders!

Watch out: American Express have a Sneaky Renewal Policy

This time last year I was in Thailand at the start of a 3 month trip. Before going over I secured a year long worldwide travel insurance policy with American Express. I had used a cheaper UK insurance company the previous year but having actually having made a claim and …


How to Open a Banana Like A Monkey

This is probably the most useful thing you will learn this year. OK, perhaps not if you don’t eat bananas that often. I personally eat bananas several times a week so I was amazed that there was a quicker way to get my potassium fix. We need to give more …


Happy New Year

Hope you’re all suffering from a hangover as bad as mine! :)