Month: October 2007

A review of the last week

In the last month or so I have tried out a lot of scripts and tested them out. Pligg was probably the best one I tried but at the moment it’s very buggy and the modules available are not the most user friendly. I spent a while testing the RSS …


Hey, I’m a Cool Guy

Tyler Cruz announced his brand new theme for his blog with a post about cool I am. Hey…I’ve every right to have a big head haha ;) Check out the post here.

ICANN-approved registry price increases

Back in April of this year ICANN, the domain name authority and regulator, approved price increases for certain registries. One of these registries was Enom, which is one of the leading domain registries on the internet and the company I have used to register domains for more than 6 years …


Kevin Muldoon Blog Launch

Hello and welcome to my first post for Kevin Muldoon. This has been the landing page for all of my internet websites since 2002 however that is all it has been ie. the site had very little info and was not updated often. Some months ago I considered launching my …