About Kevin Muldoon

Kevin Muldoon

Welcome to my blog. If you are reading this page then you probably want to know a little more about me :)

I have been working online since 2000. Over the years, I have created and maintained a wide variety of websites and generated income through affiliate marketing, product sales, ad sales and more. “Internet Marketer” is a term that probably fits what I do best, but I prefer the term “Content Creator” as most of my websites have focused on creating content that others will enjoy and find useful.

Through this blog, I share my experiences from working online. I mostly write about blogging, social media, technology, SEO, making money online and WordPress. I also talk about my YouTube channels and my involvement in cryptocurrency.

Since my childhood, I have also had a passion for programming and this love has been rekindled in my later years. So don’t be surprised if you see me talking about coding and software development.

Being self-employed via the internet has also allowed me to travel the world doing what I love (though I still own a house in my native Scotland). It is a little anti-social in some ways, but I value the freedom it gives me and the creativity it allows.

I hope you enjoy the blog :)


Kevin Muldoon
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