Domain Names

This guide will help give you a better understanding of domain names. You will learn what they are, the steps you need to take to register a domain, and other important information you will find useful.

Transferring a Domain (Coming Soon)

• How to Initiate a Domain Name Transfer
• How to Transfer a Domain Name

Domain Name Trading (Coming Soon)

• Buying and Selling Domains

• How much is a domain name worth?
• Where Can You Buy and Sell Domains? – Sell via Webmaster Forums, Flippa etc
• Expired & Dropped Domains – Expired/drop sites etcin Name Trading (Coming Soon)

Domain Names and the Law (Coming Soon)

• Trademarks and Copyrights
• Domain Name Hijacking
• Domain Name Disputes


Make Sure You Always Control Your Domain Names
Does it Matter Where You Register Your Domains Names?
Are Domain Name Discounts Worth It?

Need Help with Domain Names?

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