Month: December 2008

System0 Blog Changes Focus

Before I launched this blog in October last year I was undecided whether to use the domain or my own name Kevin I finally decided to use the domain System0 as I thought most posts would be related to my web projects and so it felt more appropriate …


Blog Moved To

For the last year or so I have been blogging at my company home page A lot of my posts have been personal recently or completely unrelated to my developments with System0 so I thought I would use my domain, which I have owned for several years. So …


Ascii Cam

I came across a cool webpage the other day which uses your webcam to take a snapshot of you in an ascii format. I recommend checking it out. Link : Amazing Instant Ascii Cam

The Amazing Spiderman

I’m not a fan of comics but I remember watching Spiderman when I was a kid and used to love it. My friend Joe sent a link to this video tonight so I thought I’d pass it on. The video below shows some highlights from the original Spiderman TV show, …



Evil Santa

Merry Christmas!

Poor Strength Of British Pound

After enjoying a strong British Pound for a year or so, the strength of the Britiains currency has been hit hard in the last few months. This really hit home a few weeks ago when I was over in Dublin. The cheapest drink I bought was €5.50 however most drinks …


Radiohead songs get ‘Nes Makover’

I came across some great videos on YouTube today. Some guy has remade some classic Radiohead using 8 bit sound. He’s did it really well too, you can just imagine playing some cheesy nintendo nes platform game with this in the background! Paranoid Android Creep

I’m Off To Thailand

I got back yesterday morning after a great weekend in Ireland. It was great catching up with all my friends. We went out in Bray on Friday and Sunday night and on the Saturday we stayed out in the city centre of Dublin. I didn’t take many pictures but my …


Off To Dublin For The Weekend

I’ve been incredibly busy in the last week sorting some things for a big trip I am going on. I will tell you all more about this next week when I have time as I’m up early tomorrow morning to head to Dublin for the weekend. More specifically, I will …