Month: January 2014

Bloggers are Worthless

Long term readers of this blog will be aware of my view on writing guest posts for free. Before you all start screaming, yes… I am aware of the benefits of guest blogging. Please re-read my post from last year to get a better understanding of how I feel about …


December 2013 Income Report

This is my last income report for 2013. These reports illustrate the growth and income of this blog on a month to month basis. I also talk about what I have been working on with my other projects. Please note that these reports do not detail income or expenditure from …


You Need to Ensure Everything You Buy Adds Value to Your Business

Many website owners are hesitant to click the buy button for products and services they need. Others reach for their credit card as soon as find anything they like. I am somewhere in between. Regardless of your buying habit, your aim should always be to get value from your purchases. …