Month: August 2018

Translate Your WordPress Website with ConveyThis Translate

ConveyThis Translate is a WordPress plugin that lets you translate the content on your website into over 100 languages. The plugin works with all WordPress plugins and themes and has been optimised for search engines. One of its selling points is that it does not redirect users to another page …


Sorry, I Don’t Want to Promote Your Affiliate Program

Over the last few years I have moved away from affiliate marketing. I do still generate a few hundred dollars in affiliate commissions every month from previous reviews and through linking to shops such as Amazon from my YouTube channels; however, it is not something I devote a lot of …


Goodbye Blog Comments

When I first started blogging daily in the mid 2000s, comments were everything. They were a big indicator of a blog’s success and, from my point of view, it was always rewarding to hear from the people who read my articles. Back then, bloggers dictated the discussion point, but readers …