A Quick Update

It’s been about six weeks since I’ve last gave an update on my online work. During that time I’ve primarily been working on my new site WP Mods.

I did a guest post at JohnChow.com about making money at Flippa and one at SiteSketch101 about developing a business model for your website. Feedback from both articles was very positive but incoming traffic from the articles wasn’t amazing and I didn’t see a huge jump in my RSS reader count. This particularly surprised me with JohnChows site as he had around 90,000 daily subscribers and I had a lot of good content posted the week the article went live.

However, there have been many positives. Traffic has more than doubled in the last six weeks so subscribers will definitely come. I also know that many of the long articles I have written (some took several hours to write and another took several days) will bring a lot of traffic in the long term from search engines. I know this from experience as many of my tutorial and guide articles I wrote at my previous site BloggingTips got little to no comments yet they usually brought in the most traffic.

Speaking of BloggingTips, the new owner Zac Johnson has just released a 93 page affiliate ebook called Six Figure Affiliate Blogging for free. If you are interested in making money from blogs or websites online I recommend downloading it.

On a similar note, I also received a signed copy of Making Money Online by John Chow. I’ll do a quick review of the book once I’ve read it :)

Future Plans

I’m looking to get rid of a lot of small content websites I have, whether they are making money or not, as I should really put all my energy into WP Mods before working on other projects (though I have been doing a lot of research into what new sites I can start, so I could perhaps start one if I have spare time).

Once the site has been established then I can look into releasing themes, plugins and other WordPress related products through the site.

I also need to:

  • Do a redesign of System0 (not priority but needs done at one point)
  • Promote WP Mods more via guest posts and Twitter and Digg
  • Get a redesign/skin for ElectricBandits and look to kickstart it

I’m also going to write more articles on making money and scripts etc on here. I will still do the odd guest post for BloggingTips and I have promised to write a guest post for Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips too but I’d love to talk about web development and working online here. It’s a good way to track the development of my sites online plus I enjoy writing :)


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