A review of the last week – November 4th 2007

Well it’s Sunday! Which is as good a time as any to look back at what I have been doing the last week. In short, I haven’t done that much. I was doing a lot of training last week so my time at the pc was limited. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I was training for 2 hours in the morning with my Taekwondo instructor doing kickboxing and jujitsu and I was training in my normal classes at night too and in between I was catching a few hours in bed haha.

I did manage to setup 3 freeroll games for Texas Holdem Forums. The pokerstars game got over 400 players and all in all it seems to have been a success with increased sign up rates and registrations etc. Hopefully this will give me something to build upon.

One thing that did grab my attention today was the number of subscribers at Blogging Tips. Yesterday it was sitting at 1079 subscribers and today its sitting at 538. The feed count usually drops 50-100 at the weekend and I’ve seen big drops and big gains before but nothing of this size.

There are only two things I think could have caused a drop of this magnitude.

  1. My server was down yesterday or
  2. Feedburner count is wrong for some reason

I don’t believe my server was down at any time yesterday. Usually if there is downtime for even 30 mins I get an email about it from members of my forums. Therefore, Im hoping that this is just a glitch from Feedburner as I would be dissapointed if the blog lost so many subscribers.

Whats my plans this week? Well, I’m going to be working on my forums more and I will probably write a few posts for Blogging Tips too. I do have a couple of good ideas for new sites but I want to build the income of my existing sites before I start a new project.

How has your week been?


UPDATE : The feedburner problem seems to be a glitch. Darren Rowse has posted about the issue here.

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