AC Transit Bus Fight

My brother Darren asked if I had seen the AC Transit Bus Fight clip tonight. For those who haven’t seen it, here is a summary for you all.

Basically, a Vietnam Veteran named Tom is sitting on a bus talking about going to a funeral and needing to get his shoes shined. An African American guy across from him hears part of this and thinks that the comment was directed at him. I won’t spoil what happens next.

Original Clip

Good Summary

Interview With Tom

Interview With Michael

Apparently this happened after he left the bus

Hilarious Anime Remix

A summary from Ice Cubes Dad in Friday!

The above is just a few of the videos online about the fight. Search for AC Transit Bus online and you’ll see hundreds of them!

My thoughts? It’s not clear from the clip if Tom did say something racist or if the Michael just picked it up wrong. Though I think Tom did the right thing in the end. He walked away from the problem but when he was attacked he retaliated.

What do you think?


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