AdroitSSD – Cloud SSD Hosting at an Incredibly Low Price

AdroitSSD is a managed cloud hosting company that hosts all websites on the latestIntel Xeon Servers and fast solid state drives. SSD hosting helps provide faster access times and transfer rates.

Launched in 2011, the company is based in Delware in the United States and have been growing every year since they went live.

Like all hosting companies, AdroitSSD also sell additional services such as domain names and SSL certificates; however, their main focus are their hosting plans.

AdroitSSD specialise in providing cloud hosting plans.

You will be glad to hear that AdroitSSD’s hosting plans are highly competitive. They offer customers a lot of resources and their plans start from only $7.95 per month.

In this review I would like to talk about their service and show you what you get for your money.

The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting allows hosting companies to pull the resources of a large number of servers and create a virtual server.

There are many benefits in setting up a server across a network instead of on one dedicated machine.

Downtime, for example, is greatly reduced because there is not a single point of failure. If a server in the network is not working, the virtual server will remain online and then broken server can be repaired.

A cloud hosting configuration also makes it easy for customers to scale their resources upwards or downwards. No files need to be transferred from one server to another when the customer upgrades. More resources are simply allocated to the customer.

The same works in reverse. If the customer finds that they are not using the resources they are paying for, they can reduce their allocation and pay less.

Cloud networks are better prepared for traffic bursts too.

Having one of your pages going viral is something that we are all striving for as it can generate a huge amount of traffic, but if you are not prepared for the situation it could turn into a nightmare.

In a normal hosting environment, there is a limit to how many people can be online at any one time. That limit is not particularly high for shared hosting and low-end VPS plans.

Let’s say your blog is hosted on a shared hosting plan. If one of your articles was to be shared on a social media website such as Reddit, your hosting configuration would struggle to handle the surge of traffic and your website would go offline.

You would lose a lot of traffic because of this and subeequently reduce your income and the growth of your website. Cloud networks can spread traffic across the network so that your website remains online during traffic spikes.

Hosting Plans and Features

AdroitSSD does not market itself as a WordPress hosting company. Their home page only mentions that their plans are optimised for the WordPress platform and does not stress that they cater towards WordPress users.

Their main hosting sales page tells a different story. They note that they store all websites on RAID protected ultra SSD drives on LiteSpeed web servers and use technologies such as LiteSpeed WordPress Cache and PHP 7 to offer a service that is around 273% faster than maximum cloud hosting or shared hosting providers.

AdroitSSD also note that they can provide Magento users with a service that is 40% faster than regular hosting companies.

Blazing Fast WordPress Hosting
AdroitSSD offers WordPress users many great features

AdroitSSD does not offer features such as website staging that is normally associated with managed WordPress hosting companies, however they do offer many great tools and options.

Customers will receive automatic updates to the WordPress core, a SQL database that is optimised for WordPress, one click WordPress installations, and daily backups to a NAS Vault.

Their plans also offer free website migration from your existing website host, CloudFlare CDN integration, real-time malware protection, Attracta SEO tools, outbound SpamExpert, and AWStats for checking traffic. A dedicated IP address is available for an additional $3.50 per month.

AdroitSSD Hosting Plans
AdroitSSD offer three main hosting plans.

Plans start from only $7.95 per month. This entry-level plan gives you as much resources as you would get from a VPS plan that normally costs around $30.

The incredible plan costs $7.95 per month and offers 25GB of SSD storage, 150GB of tier 1 bandwidth and a disk I/O speed of 10Mbps, one Intel Xeon CPU core, and 2GB of RAM.

The incredible plus plan costs $13.95 per month. It increases storage to 50GB, bandwidth to 300GB, and disk I/O speed to 15Mbps. Two CPU cores are included and 4GB of RAM.

Thei incredible power plan costs $23.95 per month. It offers an unlimited amount of storage, 500GB of bandwidth, and a disk I/O speed of 20Mbps. Three CPU cores are included and 6GB of RAM.

All plans include a free Comodo SSL digital certificate and the two higher priced plans also include a free domain name. The offer of a free domain name is welcomed, though my advice is always to retain full control of your domain names and manage your domain names and hosting separately.

The incredible power plan that retails at $23.95 per month is also optimised for Magento users. The offer of unlimited storage sounds a bit unrealistic, but they can offer this as the real limiting factor in that plan is bandwidth, not storage. It is unlikely that anyone would use too much storage as the bandwidth limit would be reached first.

AdroitSSD have priced their hosting plans very competitively so I was surprised that when I spoke to them about pricing they said that they would like to offer all of my readers a discount.

If you apply the coupon code Kevin40 during checkout you will receive a 40% discount. That brings the cost of their hosting plans down to only $4.77 per month, $8.37 per month, and $14.37 per month, respectively.

You will struggle to find a cloud hosting or VPS hosting plan elsewhere that offers the same resources at that price.

The Hosting Control Panel

AdroitSSD cloud plans are set up using the Cloud Linux operating system. This is the platform that all major website hosting companies use to manage a cloud environment. It’s secure, fast, and efficient.

All AdroitSSD hosting plans can be managed via a Cpanel control panel. cPanel is by far the most popular web hosting control panel available online and the one I have been using for many years.

It’s packed full of features and is very easy to use,

cPanel gives you full control over your website and hosting environment.

In the customer area you can manage billing, domain names, hosting, add-ons, and other customer services. Support is handled here too.

Customer Support

AdroitSSD has a knowledgebase for customers. It’s not the most extensive FAQ section out there, though you will be pleased to hear that their support team is based in North America and has an average turnaround time of around 30 minutes.

AdroitSSD Uptime
AdroitSSD’s uptime over the last 30 days.

No hosting company can guarantee 100% uptime because unexpected network problems always arise. This is why most hosting companies state that they offer 99.99% uptime.

AdroitSSD state that they offer 100% uptime. Over a long period of time, not even the best hosting company in the world can guarantee that, however it does appear that their uptime record is quite impressive.

Final Thoughts

I believe the true test of a hosting company is in providing long-term support, performance, and uptime. Unfortunately, it is difficult to test these things without hosting your own websites with a company.

My websites are hosted on a dedicated server so I have not yet used AdroitSSD to host my own websites. I would never speculate as to whether a company does provide an amazing customer experience without using them myself; which is why most of my hosting reviews stick to facts and figures.

Reviews for AdroitSSD do seem to be positive online and you simply cannot argue with how low their prices are. Their regular hosting plan prices are fantastic but by applying the coupon code KEVIN40 at checkout you can reduce prices by a further 40%.

This means that their incredible one plan that offers 25GB storage, 150GB of bandwidth, one CPU core, and 2GB of RAM, can be purchased for only $4.77 per month. That’s unbelievable.

To find out more about their service, please visit their official website.

Good luck.


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