All In One PC’s : A Review

Over the last week I have had a brief look at the most well known All in one PC’s which are available today. These posts have not been very in depth but I’m sure you all have a better idea of what an All In One PC is and what they can do.

The machines I looked at are :

Which All In One is best?

I have not extensively used any of these devices though I have briefly used the Sony All In One, Dells XPS One, Apples iMac All In One and the HP Touchsmart.

The Asus EEE Top Desktop PC looks to be a good purchase for those who just want a PC for emailing and browsing the web.

Which one is the best is a difficult one to answer. Without doubt, the Apple iMac is getting the best reviews from tech sites.

If I had to purchase one it would be between the HP Touchsmart and the Apple iMac All In One. Both machines offer better value for money in my opinion so it really depends on whether you are an Apple or a Windows person.

Are All In Ones Worth It?

I really like the design of All In Ones as I like the idea of having everything built into the monitor. However, I am not sure whether they currently offer value for money. Monitor prices have come down considerably in the last few years so it is probably better to just get a good 24″+ sized monitor and a nice portable Shuttle PC to go with it. And you can always upgrade or replace the Shuttle at a later date.

Once I clear some debt and save up some cash over the next few months I’ll make a decision. Until then, I will keep an eye on All In One prices, something which I think will come down a lot over the next year or so. :)

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