April Fools Day Sucks

I really have come to hate April 1st over the last few years. Perhaps I was more gullible as a child, perhaps people are just being lazier with their April fools jokes, or perhaps we’ve been here so many times before that we have mentally prepared not to believe anything we read.

I don’t know. All I know is that April Fools day sucks! Within 2 seconds of reading an April Fools article in a newspaper or an online site you realise it’s a piss take, and most of the jokes are so lame it’s embarrassing. Take the Suns article today about Subo having a statue at Parliament – so bad you realised that it was a lie after reading the headline.

So what you are left with is a day where you can’t read the news anywhere as writers and journalists around the world struggle to fool you with an inventive story. 99% of them fail to do this.

Roll on April 2nd says team leader of the ‘Bah Humbug’ brigade!

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