Bridget Wright

A FreshBooks Review for Freelancers

As a freelancer, what system do you use to invoice your clients? By postal mail? By phone? Paypal? What about pigeon carrier? Client Invoicing When I first started working as a freelancer, I had no idea of the best or most efficient way to send invoices to my clients. I would generally create …


Computer Calendar

Why I Use Scrivener for Blog Planning

Managing a blog is very tedious, detailed work. Different pieces of a blog need tracking consistently, which is why most bloggers use editorial calendars. This type of tracking mechanism makes blogging work more manageable. There are several types of calendars; software-based, cloud-based and plug-ins. Deciding what is/is not needed in …


Why Some Bloggers Make Money and Others Do Not

Blogging. It’s all the rage these days. Everybody’s doing it, and those who aren’t, want to be. Although bloggers blog for many different reasons, most professional bloggers are interested in getting paid for their blogging activities. How Much Money Do Bloggers Make? While anyone can “do blogging,” professional bloggers are …


How to Write Social Media Content That REALLY Gets Noticed

I’m sure just about everyone these days is on some form of social media platform; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram…the list does go on and on. Rest assured that you’ll always find interesting content to read or watch on one of these sites. Even if the material takes …