Cortney Galster

7 Bloggers Share Their Biggest Blogging Mistakes

We’ve all been there – that moment when you realize you made a big old blogging mistake. I think that because of the way blogs work – how they instantaneously publish thoughts, perspectives and ideas to the internet – it would be impossible to go through your entire blogging career …


7 Blogging Tools I Cannot Live Without

People email me all the time telling me that they want to become a successful blogger, wanting to know what tips and tools I recommend they use to get started. In reality, different blogging tools are going to be a better fit for different bloggers – in many cases, the …


5 Things I Am Working On to Improve My Blog

Once my blog started getting some notoriety, I begin learning all the little ways that it could be improved – both from a visual perspective and to simply bring in more traffic. As my audience grew, I really became aware of how the trends within my blogging niche seemed to …


The Mommyhood Project

7 Things I Learned From Running a Mommy Blog for Two Years

Blogging is my life. No, seriously. It is. I’ve been blogging since 2007, when I started out as a young gal just trying to get some writing experience after college. My blog was a combination of sports and fashion. A weird combination, but it was what both my job and …