Helen Gilbert

Top 25 Gaming Templates To Make You a King of The Ring

How is it going? I think it’s not a secret that the 21st century is an era of high technology. In fact, every biz has a website that helps business owners to highlight their products and services and make them popular. The gaming industry is not an exception. Follow us …


15 Professional Photography WordPress Themes

So, we all are definitely used to making photos for our social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, whatever. We all want to stand out, to showcase our life in the best light, and to make all the shots look special to enhance social activity on our profiles. However, photography is …


Top 11 Feature-Rich WordPress Themes of 2017

Keeping an eye on template market, it’s hard not to notice that templates are getting more and more feature-rich year after year. Thanks to new plugins that are created for WordPress, the templates of 2017 win the hearts of your site guests with unparalleled user experience, rich Parallax-powered visuals and …