100 Truly Awful Tattoos That Will Make You Laugh and Cry

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Tattooing has been popular for centuries. Whilst tattoos are generally accepted in most societies, it is still something that divides opinions. Some people love tattoos, some people hate them.

What does not divide opinion is bad tattoos. Whether its a picture of Bugs Bunny on someones left boob or a famous quote that is badly misspelled, people with terrible tattoos are generally ridiculed with the finger pointing and laughing they deserve.

This article is a celebration of some of the worst tattoos that have ever been inked.

1. My Beautiful Family

Awful Portrait Tattoo

2. I’m a Scary Monster

Monster Tattoo

3. Daydream Believer

Daydream Believer Tattoo

4. So…There is Nothing You Regret?

Regret Nothing Tattoo

5. Moonwalker

Forever With Us Bad Tattoo

6. Who Needs Tweezers?

Eyebrow Tattoo

7. Yes Sir, You Are Stupid

Too Stupid Tattoo

8. Bus Pass and Orgies

Too Sexy Bad Tattoo

9. You Are What You Eat

Eat Fresh Bad Tattoo

10. All Eyez On Them

Rap Fans Bad Tattoos

11. Devil Child

Devil Child Bad Tattoo

12. Michelangelo

Michelangelo Ninja Turtle Bad Tattoo

13. Star Power

Star Power Terrible Tattoo

14. You Stay Classy San Diego

Classy Tattoo

15. Dolphicorn Love

Dolphicorn Love Tattoo

16. From Hell

Hello Billy Bad Tattoo

17. Deadly Dick Star

Deadly Dick Star Tattoo

18. Do You Know About Jenkem?

Jenkem Bad Tattoo

19. Bad Benjamin Button

Bad Benjamin Button Tattoo

20. No Fudging Allowed

No Fudging Allowed Awful Tattoo

21. Snake Food

Snake Food Weird Tattoo

22. Jobseeker

Jobseeker Terrible Tattoo

23. Well That Clears That Up

Dick Suck Tattoo

24. My Dog Tyson

My Dog Tyson Tattoo

25. Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Tattoo

26. In an Emergency: Break Glass for Dictionary

Ridioulous Tattoo

27. Zoltar Speaks

Insert Coins Crazy Tattoo

28. Real Love Doesn’t Need Wedding Rings

This is Real Love Tattoo

29. All Work and No Play Makes Brenda a Dull Girl

Brenda Brenda Brenda

30. Regan Teresa MacNeil

Regan Teresa MacNeil Tattoo

31. Always Together

Always Together Bad Tattoo

32. I’m Lovin’ It

I'm Lovin' It Tattoo

33. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web Tattoo

34. Whale Tail

Whale Tail Thong Tattoo

35. Where is the Seventh Dwarf?

Where is the Seventh Dwarf?

36. Funny For a Day

Bad Decision Tattoo

37. Mini Me

Mini Me Tattoo

38. Your Pac

Your Pac Tattoo

39. Daddy’s Girl Needs To See a Dentist

Daddy's Girl Needs To See a Dentist Tattoo

40. Betty Nightingale

Betty Poop Tattoo

41. Showing Off the Kids

Showing Off the Kids Tattoo

42. Rainbow Brite Power

Rainbow Brite Power Tattoo

43. A Tribute to Billie Joe

A Tribute to Billie Joe Tattoo

44. Pork Love

Maken Bacon Bad Tattoo

45. Trust Issues

Fuck You Tattoo

46. Can’t We All Get Along

Can't We All Get Along Tattoo

47. Say Cheeesssseeeee!!

Say Cheeesssseeeee Tattoo

48. Ouch

Ouch Painful Tattoo

49. T-Rex and Super Jesus

T-Rex and Super Jesus Tattoo

50. He’s as Cold as Ice

Mr Cool Ice Tattoo

51. Roses and Bats

Roses and Bats Tattoo

52. In Honour of Betty Boop

Betty Poop Kiana

53. Nascar Champion

Nascar Champion Tattoo

54. Cock Garden

Cock Garden Tattoo

55. Mexican Bloodbath

Rivera Kills Tattoo

56. Party Dog Gets Upgraded

Party Dog Tattoo

57. Words to Live By

No Pen No Gain Tattoo

58. Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail Tattoo

59. Old Baby

Old Baby Tattoo

60. Outbreak

HIV Positive Tattoo

61. Bikini Babe

Bikini Babe Tattoo

62. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty

63. What the Deuce?

Family Guy Fan Tattoo

64. Milky Milky

Milky Milky Tattoo

65. Team Drake

Team Drake Tattoo

66. Serious Baby

Serious Baby Tattoo

67. Hear Me Roar

Hear Me Roar Tattoo

68. Angry Feline

Angry Feline Tattoo

69. Centaurian Rainbow

Centaurian Rainbow Tattoo

70. Dog Lover

Dog Lover Tattoo

71. Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines Tattoo

72. Fancy a Game of Chess?

Fancy a Game of Chess Tattoo

73. Julius Pringles

Julius Pringles Tattoo

74. Apostrophes Are Optional

Apostrophes Are Optional Tattoo

75. Donald McRonald

Donald McRonald Tattoo

76. Swish Yankee

Swish Yankee

77. Bowtie Bob

Bowtie Bob Tattoo

78. The Wolfpack

The Wolfpack Tattoos

79. Panthera Onca

Panthera Onca Tattoo

80. Wildcats

Wildcats Tattoo

81. Hands Together

Hands Together Tattoo

82. Curious George

Curious George Tattoo

83. Korean Gangster

Korean Gangster Tattoo

84. Looking for Love

Looking for Love Tattoo

85. The Humanitarian

Racist Tattoo

86. Abstract

Abstract Tattoo

87. Tree of Life

Tree of Life Tattoo

88. 1982 Regional Spelling Bee Champion

1982 Regional Spelling Bee Champion Tattoo

89. Stephanie Buscemi

Stephanie Buscemi Tattoo

90. Meat Lover

Meat Lover Tattoo

91. Sleeping Babies

Sleeping Babies Tattoo

92. Beavis Buttlove

Beavis Buttlove Tattoo

93. Modest Lady

Modest Lady Tattoo

94. Cat Flap

Cat Flap Tattoo

95. Dominating Kitten

Dominating Kitten Tattoo

96. Pray for Him

Pray for Him Tattoo

97. Daytime Television Fiend

Jeremy Kyle Tattoo

98. Never Leave School

Never Leave School Tattoo

99. Ride Wit Me

Ride Wit Me Tattoo

100. From Holland, With Love

From Holland, With Love Tattoo

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