I’ve Realised the Benefits of a Dedicated Vlogging Camera

Sometimes in life, you do not know what you are missing until you move forward and then look back in hindsight. That kind of sums up how I feel about moving to a dedicated camera for recording videos for YouTube.

I had been recording videos for my YouTube channel over the last two months using a Logitech webcam and a dynamic microphone. However, it has became a bit of a pain to record videos using these two devices whilst I am travelling as there are not many good applications available that allow you to record from your webcam efficiently in 1080p.

While I did record several clips using my new camera last week on a day out, today was the first day that I took time to record videos for my channel. Despite there being an electricity blackout until around 4.30pm, I was able to answer three questions from readers (which I will publish this week).

I also managed to record a fourth video at the end of the day. You can check out the video below.

I've Realised the Benefits of a Dedicated Vlogging Camera

If you are looking to start recording videos for YouTube, I recommend purchasing a dedicated camera or camcorder for recording videos. A webcam is ok to start out with, but a dedicated camera is a much more efficient way to record videos.



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