37 Best Drupal Themes to Launch Your Website Without a Hitch

Far too often I see blog posts about WordPress, but what about its oh so sweet brother, Drupal? The two platforms are rather similar, in that Drupal comes as an opensource content management system, perfect for making anything from blogs to eCommerce websites.

Similar to WordPress, Drupal works nicely for beginners with not much development experience. In fact some would argue that it’s even easier to master. The even better news is that you can find Drupal themes all over the internet and they only take a a few minutes to install.

I love Drupal for quite a few reasons, but it’s not easy to filter through all of the themes. Therefore, I have compiled a list of the best Drupal themes to launch your website without any problems. Enjoy!

1. Aurum – $55

The Aurum Drupal theme is both responsive and multipurpose, giving the user visual shortcodes and a full layout builder for a more effective design experience. The MegaSlider plugin comes along with the theme for uploading your banner images and grabbing attention when people come to your site.

You also start with eight color schemes, speeding up the branding process. The theme provides 18 headers and four footers for your customization, and most users enjoy the CSS animations that add flair but don’t slow down your site.

Aurum Drupal Theme

2. Wunderkind – $40

The Wunderkind theme is an affordable solution for one page websites. The majority of the content is situated on the homepage, and the parallax effect combines with this design for a more creative first look for customers.

Built on Bootstrap, the Wunderkind Drupal theme has a fully responsive layout with a full layout builder. I like it for all businesses, since it has a modern look and potential for landing pages. Not only that but you get visual shortcodes in a drag and drop interface.

Wunderkind Drupal Theme

3. Enar – $48

The Enar theme has an elegeant and modern design for companies that sell services. You can feature the people who work for your business and share a portfolio with links to your past projects.

Although it’s a multi-page theme, it works similar to a one page layout, with items like testimonials, blog posts, pricing and services on the homepage. You can even implement a full video background to explain the details of your company.

Enar Drupal Theme

4. Fiora – $58

The Fiora Drupal theme supports both one page and multiple page layouts, making it essential for companies interested in landing pages and a full website. The theme has a modern yet retro feel to it, making me think that a freelancer or agency would enjoy it.

The responsive layout looks great on mobile devices and the sticky menu has everything you need for keeping customers on the right track. The theme integrates with Drupal Commerce and you get some shortcodes, sliders and social media integrations.

Fiora Drupal Theme

5. Medicom – $48

Medicom is an UberCart theme for medical facilities and professionals. You can sell services and products through the theme and utilize the various home page and color options. The premium MD slider goes well with the overall responsive design.

In addition, you gain access to Font Awesome icons that cater to the medical industry. I also enjoy the directions map to guide clients and patients to your locations.

Medicom Drupal Theme

6. Monte – $48

Consider the Monte Drupal theme if you’re thinking about launching a magazine. It doesn’t matter if the magazine focuses on sports, lifestyle, fashion or movies, since all of the recent articles are showcased on the homepage, with five homepage demos to get you started.

This magazine theme supports ads in several places, so you can link up to Google Ads or sell your own to relevant businesses. Along with HD video support, unlimited skin colors and various custom post types, the Monte theme looks good for all magazines.

Monte Drupal Theme

7. Emon – $48

The Emon theme screams out to agencies, but it also has a solid megamenu for eCommerce-based companies. The theme even supports a portfolio for sharing pictures from your past jobs. The Bootstrap theme includes five homepage demos, all of which seem to cater to agencies.

The drag and drop builder makes it easy to design for beginners, and the fully responsive design turns your site into a mobile machine. You’ll also notice that the support videos are some of the best in the business.

Emon Drupal Theme

8. Hasta – $53

The Hasta multipurpose eCommerce theme has over 30 layouts and 250 pages. It works with Drupal Commerce for when selling goods, and the over 35 PSD layered files are sure to set you on your way for design bliss.

The visual shortcodes combine well with the layout builder, and the premium plugins (like Mega Slider and Cube Portfolio) keep some money in your pocket.

Hasta Drupal Theme

9. Jango – $58

Jango has nothing to do with the movie (no D, duh,) but it packs a punch with a highly flexible component framework and Drupal Commerce support. Selling comes easy with the beautiful shopping cart icons and user sign-in functionality.

You also get the classic visual shortcodes and layout builder, must-haves when trying to speed up your development. My favorite part would have to be the wide range of demo pages, from team member bios to masonry galleries and wishlist pages to product comparisons.

Jango Drupal Theme

10. Candidate – $58

The Candidate Drupal theme is obviously for political campaigns. If you’ve had a chance to look at some candidate websites in the recent past, you’ll see that many of them look just like the Candidate theme.

You get a full events calendar and a beautiful system for selling merchandise and collecting donations. Multiple colors are available, and you can make announcements with the Slider Revolution plugin.

Candidate Drupal Theme

11. Element – $53

The Element theme supports Drupal Commerce and the MD Slider plugin. The responsive design has a more creative vibe to it, with portfolios and service listings for freelancers, photographers and artists.

Although that’s my thought for the default design, the nine homepage layouts open up all sorts of possibilities, such as websites for app designers, clothing merchants and more. Along with Font Awesome icons, the blog has eight layouts, so your customers don’t have to see the same boring blog posts all the time.

Element Drupal Theme

12. Tico – $48

The Tico Drupal theme is for businesses that want a drag and drop builder and a beautiful slider with animations. Talk about your business and include videos and high resolution images to improve upon the story.

Testimonials are supported on the homepage and you can even showcase your best workers with pictures and bios. The fully responsive theme has five homepage demos and the beautiful support videos guide you along your way.

Tico Drupal Theme

13. Selecta – Free

Sometimes paying for a premium Drupal theme isn’t in the budget. Although I would argue that any serious business should get a premium solution (for support and overall functionality,) it’s not unheard of for hobbyists and extremely small companies to opt for a free theme. The first free one is called Selecta and it works best for video blogs.

The two column layout supports sidebars and a full feed for your blog posts. It lets you feature your videos from the homepage and take advantage of CSS rules for things like video pages, comment forms, contact forms, user profiles and more.

Selecta Drupal Theme

14. FontFolio – Free

The FontFolio theme is yet another free Drupal option with support for a clean portfolio. The grid-based, two-column theme is completely responsive for mobile devices. It also sets up quickly for multilingual functionality. The primary reason someone would choose this is for a photo portfolio.

I like it for graphic designers, artists and even people who make crafts and want to display them online. The social network icons bring people to your other outlets and the simplistic menu ensures that eyes land on the most important content.

FontFolio Drupal Theme

15. Journal Crunch – Free

The Journal Crunch theme has a magazine look to it, presenting articles with featured images and titles on the homepage. The theme is responsive for those on the move and it has both one and two-column layouts for organizing your content in a reasonable manner. Quite a few CSS rules are included with the theme. For example, you gain support for images with content, tags, comments, footers with four block regions and more.

Journal Crunch Drupal Theme

16. Responsive Blog – Free

The Responsive Blog theme should be used by those interested in, you guessed it, responsive blogs. The Responsive Blog theme is one of the more rudimentary themes on this list, but that’s a huge advantage for hobbyists and writers who want to get their thoughts online.

Social icons show up towards the top of the page, and the nice typography ensures that your fonts go along with your brand. Utilize up to two columns, and take advantage of the two pre-designed color schemes. A total of 12 block regions are there for you to insert your content.

Responsive Blog Drupal Theme

17. OpenChurch – Free

OpenChurch functions best as a church blog or website, seeing as how it shows off information like weekly meeting times, sermons and bulletins in the sidebar. You can make pages for maps and directions, while also using the slider to share images of your congregation.

I encourage any religious organization to consider the OpenChurch Drupal theme, since it has a clean design and plenty of modules for filling in important information.

OpenChurch Drupal Theme

18. Omega Kickstart – Free

The Omega Kickstart Drupal theme resembles a premium theme far more than some of the other free solutions. It’s a responsive base theme for developing your own eCommerce presence on top of the functionality. I like it for Drupal developers who are working on client websites.

The theme looks modern, and it provides a strong menu and shopping cart area. The slider provides large images along with offer buttons and promotional banners throughout the homepage.

Omega Kickstart Drupal Theme

19. Corked Screwer – Free

The Corked Screwer resembles that of a winery website. Although I would highly recommend wineries jump on this theme, it can also be used for other organizations like farms and travel companies.

The feature-set starts off with a responsive display, and it goes onto support 15 regions for things like banners, sidebars, footers and navigational menus. The multi-level dropdown menus are a huge bonus, and the slideshow effect can be adjusted based on how long you would like the images to remain on the screen.

Corked Screwer Drupal Theme

20. Corporate Clean – Free

Corporate Clean rings true to its name, using a basic header area for uploading your logo and managing the menu. The responsive layout has multiple color schemes, and you get 12 regions to insert your content. The theme allows for up to three columns, and you can manage the slideshow to reveal however many images you require. Some of the CSS rules include comments, polls, contact forms, blogs and user profiles.

Corporate Clean Drupal Theme

21. Business Responsive – Free

The Business Responsive theme is a viable product for those on a budget who are building a business website. It could potentially work for a wide range of industries. For example, I feel a school would be able to construct a blog with course listings from the school. Business Responsive is an extremely clean and lightweight solution, and it provides a multi-level dropdown menu for generating your own guide and giving people the buttons they need to learn about your organization.

The theme allows you to utilize up to three columns, so you could technically turn it into more of a magazine setup. Not to mention, the over 16 regions make it perfect for organizing items like widgets and modules. Oh yea, and the social media buttons include offerings from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Vimeo.

Business Responsive Drupal Theme

22. Portfolio Zymphonies – Free

Consider he Portfolio Zymphonies theme if you’re thinking about making a creative online presence with portfolio support. The theme has wonderful social media links, and the download resume button connects to your PDF resume. I really see this as a Drupal theme for personal resumes and freelance portfolios.

You get Font Awesome web icons for pairing with your services, and the beautiful portfolio includes images, links and descriptions about your work. The best part of the theme is that several blocks are available for immediately launching your site with information. For example, you can punch in your details on the Awards page, and the Key Skills block only requires you to type in what makes you special.

Portfolio Zymphonies Drupal Theme

23. Sunrise – Free

The Sunrise Drupal theme offers a stunning restaurant or pub design without the price tag. The responsive design ensures that all of your patrons can check out your menu and offerings on phones and tablets. In addition, the typography and gallery elements are bound to make the design process a little easier for you.

My favorite part of the theme is the beautiful customizable background, and you can also adjust the social media icons and the company logo. Sharing information about your promotions can be done with the overlaying header text, and the full blog gives you a chance to share interesting industry information with your customers.

Sunrise Drupal Theme

24. Integrity – Free

The Integrity theme presents a unique opportunity for startups, since the theme provides a beautiful, yet fun, design for looking professional and creative at the same time. This is a multipurpose theme for businesses and freelance portfolios.

The Font Awesome icons improve your visuals and the three column support could potentially turn your site into a magazine or blog. Use the 17 regions to organize your content and work with the multi-level menus for guiding people through your site and fitting more links to pages on your menu.

Integrity Drupal Theme

25. Commerce – Free

Here’s another free Drupal theme that has the potential to turn into something more premium looking. Commerce serves as one of the best free themes for selling products online. The homepage includes tools for showcasing your products, and the product pages offer areas for descriptions, pricing, pictures and comments.

The good part about the Commerce theme is that you’re not required to spend any money on your startup website. The theme looks great on all mobile devices, and the large slider gives you a chance to showcase your recent promotions. Upload your logo with a single click and utilize the customer profile pages to track who is stopping by your site and making purchases.

Commerce Drupal Theme

26. Clean Design – $58

The Clean Design Drupal theme provides a simple and minimalist blogging platform, with a search bar and carousel on the homepage to get users where they need to go. The theme has 15 extremely flexible regions, all of which combine to make an experience similar to a drag and drop editor.

I like the theme for making an online magazine or blog, seeing as how you can construct a design with up to three columns. The jQuery frontpage slider combines nicely with the animated menu, and the six background options improve the visuals on your site.

Clean Design Drupal Theme

27. Nevia – $48

Nevia has a clean design and impressive layout for setting up an online store, portfolio or features for a digital product. With the over 360 icons you have the ability to make your content look more visual, especially considering many of these icons are industry focused.

The shop design is ready to integrate with Ubercart, and the numerous social media widgets are easy to implement for your store. Along with that, the portfolio page looks great on all devices, making it easy to send the portfolio link to potential clients who are on the go.

Nevia Drupal Theme

28. Jollyness – $58

Jollyness has the features and design elements made just for travel blogs and businesses. This is a multipurpose theme that can be used for a wide range of businesses, and it has a responsive setup for viewing on mobile devices. The video background makes the theme a powerful choice for those looking to introduce customers with a quick movie.

In addition, you can utilize features like strong shortcodes, parallax effects and a beautiful slider. Over 15 home page styles are offered through the Jollyness theme, and the drag and drop homepage builder is sure to speed up the development process for most people.

Jollyness Drupal Theme

29. Centum – $48

The Centum theme is by far one of the more basic solutions, akin to a free WordPress theme. That said, I like it for hobbyist bloggers and smaller companies that need a slider, quick menu and social media buttons. Like I said, the theme is rather simple, so the feature-set isn’t that expansive.

However, I think that’s a good thing for those just getting started with a website. The theme is responsive and it has over 360 icons. There’s also pricing tables and custom shortcodes.

Centum Drupal Theme

30. Evolve – $48

The Evolve Drupal theme sends the right message to users of your app. Although you could use the theme for other purposes, I tend to believe that it’s most effective purpose would be for selling a mobile app. As for the feature-set, the theme offers an easy installation and seven homepage layouts.

The unlimited color schemes look nice, and the over 360 Font Awesome icons are sure to give you enough icons to play around with. A portfolio page has multiple functions, and the various shortcodes cut down on the amount of custom coding you’ll have to do. Finally, the theme has a parallax feature for grabbing attention without slowing down your website.

Evolve Drupal Theme

31. Simple – $58

With a name like Simple it’s pretty easy to figure out what the Drupal theme is all about. This one is for the magazine creators, so your articles and categories are shown on the homepage with small modules, carousals and widgets. Social media buttons come packaged in with the theme and the full slider links directly to your blog posts.

The theme also provides 23 backgrounds and 12 color styles, expanding your customization options quite a bit. Finally, you can manage up to three columns, which is a must-have for a magazine website.

Simple Drupal Theme

32. Dawn – $48

The Dawn theme has gone through some recent improvements making it look more impressive than ever. It includes a full portfolio that is obviously setup to showcase houses and interior design projects. The clean and modern design is all built on a responsive framework.

You receive multilingual and translation tools for reaching out to a more affluent audience, while the unlimited colors come in handy for changing around colors for footers, headers and highlights. The Revolution Slider plugin is included for free, and you’ll find a built-in Google Map module for bringing customers to your place of business.

33. Porto – $48

Porto is a responsive Drupal 7 theme with full Drupal eCommerce support, unlimited color skins and both dark and light shade options. You also get to choose between boxed and wide layouts, giving you a decent number of customization tools from the start.

I feel the theme looks fine for a small business or agency, but it actually has more of a look for a web designer or even an online course. A carousel and slider are both packaged into the theme, and I noticed that the over 350 icons are plenty to work with a wide range of industries.

Porto Drupal Theme

34. InnoCompany – $48

Consider the InnoCompany Drupal theme if your company wants lots of customization tools, eCommerce support and a beautiful pricing table to show off to your customers. The five amazing sliders present your promotional banners, and the unlimited color options make sure you can match the site colors to your brand.

The InnoCompany Drupal theme includes unlimited backgrounds and tygporaphy, and you gain access to a sortable portfolio, just in case you need to show off your past work. Finally, the over 610 Google Fonts and custom CSS fonts make your typography look beautiful.

InnoCompany Drupal Theme

35. BizReview – $48

The BizReview theme is one of my favorite choices for directory and listing sites, seeing as how the homepage includes a full map with listing information for customers. Users can also search for listings based on categories, keywords and locations, and the social media buttons expand your reach a little better.

The theme integrates with PayPal, and it has a full 5-star ratings and review system. You gain access to advertising options, and the theme supports over 20 map layers.

BizReview Drupal Theme

36. Goodnex – $48

The Goodnex Drupal themes serves as an incredible option for general businesses that want a clean, easy to manage and read theme. Both the Mega Slider and Flex Slider plugins work wonderfully with the theme, and it has one of the sleekest responsive layouts you can find.

The full demo installation gets you up and running within minutes, while the unlimited color options are sure to help make your brand look great. Along with solid shortcodes for things like buttons and tabs, and a helpful support team, the Goodnex theme has quite a bit to offer.

Goodnex Drupal Theme

37. Realia – $48

Realia is another directory theme, but this one is particularly made for real estate agents. Users can go to the homepage to browse listings in the area, and they also have the option to search based on property type, beds, baths, pricing and whether or not the location is being sold or rented.

The theme is fully responsive with several color schemes, and header combinations are great for introducing your business. Finally, the translation tools serve those agents with multi-lingual customers.

Realia Drupal Theme


Fortunately you have an insane number of choices, but I always feel like it’s refreshing to see all of your top options compiled into one list. Drupal has various benefits for website designers, so I encourage you to look over the best Drupal themes above and try them out. If you have any suggestions for other Drupal themes I should recommend, let me know in the comments section below.

Joe is a writer, marketing crash test dummy and adventure seeker. He helps people write, market their writing and embrace their lives through creativity. You can find him riding his bike around Chicago or sharing on his blog, Write With Warnimont.
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