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I am looking for some good writers for my blogging advice website, a 2 year old blogging blog which currently has around 4,000 daily subscribers. The bloggers will be expected to write a blog post on a specific day and time every week. Authors are allowed to post a few days in advance but I would prefer that posts are not written too far in advance so that they can respond to current events.

Blogging Tips

Please note that for all blogging positions :

  • Bloggers are paid one month in arrears.
  • Bloggers are paid via Paypal.
  • If a blogger doesn’t fulfil his blogging commitment, they will be paid pro-rata for the blog posts they did publish.
  • I will only work with individual bloggers. I have worked with companies in the past who provide writers and I have always been disappointed so as a rule I work with bloggers directly and do no hire anyone through a middle man. Bloggers

I am looking for 3 full time authors for BloggingTips.

For a commitment of 1 blog post per week on a specified day the blogger will get :

  • Paid $50 per calendar month.
  • 2 links to their blog in each of their blog posts.
  • A link to their profile page in each blog post.
  • A permanent link to their profile and their blog at the bottom of every of BloggingTips.

The 3 blogging positions I am looking to fill will write specifically about one of the categories below :

  • Wordpress Themes & Plugins : The blogger should be an experienced WordPress blogger and be able to write a post every week about a specific theme or plugin or a summary of the latest themes and plugins which have been released.
  • Social Media : The blogger should have a lot of experience with social media and be able to write articles on Twitter, Digg, Sphinn and other social media related sites.
  • Writing/Grammar : The blogger must have an excellent grasp of English (preferably a native English speaker) and be able to write high quality articles about grammar, spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation. POSITION FILLED

Please note that all applicants must have at least 6 months experience of blogging and have an excellent grasp of english. Posts should be of a good length too (please check a few posts from BloggingTips to get an idea of how long posts should be).

This is an excellent opportunity for an aspiring blogger to write for a large audience and raise their profile in the blogosphere :)

Applying for a Blogging Position

If you would like to apply for one of these blogging positions please contact me.

Please include a small bio about yourself and link to 3 or 4 articles on the web which you have written. If you do not have any articles published online then I am happy for you to submit a post for review directly though preference will be given to those who have online writing experience.

If you have any questions please let me know :)*



I have had a good response to this job advertisement. The writing/grammar position has been filled and I have had a lot of interest in the wordpress plugins and themes position so I believe that will be filled in the next few days.

I am still looking for a social media blogger and I am interested in a general blogging advice blogging, someone who can give general tips on blogging etc.

I am always looking for good writers so if you have experience, please get in touch :)


I have taken on about 5 or 6 full time writers in the last week. These postions have all been filled.

I may be looking for more writers in a few months so please stay tuned :)

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