Boot & run Linux easily using a USB Flash Drive

Following on from a suggestion from Eric Odom, I have installed Ubuntu as a second operating system on my new portable laptop. I encourage you all to try using Linux at one point. Years ago Linux users were not catered for by software designers but most scripts now cater for windows, mac and linux users so it isn’t so much of a problem.

Boot & run Linux easily using a USB Flash Drive

I found a good little site the other day called PenDriveLinux. The site has loads of tutorials on how you can boot from a USB flash drive. You can run linux through your flash drive however I decided to create a new partition to install it in. Most linux sites have tutorials showing you how you can install without using a cd however I found this to be the most in depth. Since my new HP 2133 doesn’t have a CD drive, I found this site very useful.

Do you use Linux?


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