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I’ve always been a big fan of what Todd Garland is doing with Buy Sell Ads. I started using them just after they launched. Whenever I complained about ads not displaying properly or something not working as it should, they were always quick to help me and they were always polite when doing so. You get so used to big ad companies not giving good support that it was refreshing to see a company make good support a priority. So I’m always pleased when I read about how Buy Sell Ads is growing.

I received an email from then today about the release of their new ad server service Buy Sell Ads Pro. The service is targeting large businesses that currently use services such as DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) and OpenX.

BuySellAds PRO brings together everything you need to manage your ad space: direct sales, ad serving, relationship management, and overall monetization control. From direct advertiser invoicing to effortless day-to-day management of what’s currently serving, BSA PRO provides the tools needed to earn more from your properties and keep your entire team on the same page.

Under the hood, BSA PRO packs a powerful ad serving API and custom ad engine to help you build never-been-done-before ad products for high-end campaigns, invent new ad formats, and innovate your monetization strategy. Come build with us. The possibilities are endless.

I looked at DoubleClick for Publishers to serve ads a few years ago but decided to go with another product. On the surface BuySellAds PRO looks much more user friendly, like Adsense except nicer. The platform is being used by BSA to serve over 7 billion ads.

Buy Sell Ads Pro

The service has been set up as ‘pay as you go’ so companies don’t need to commit to anything. They charge $0.05 per thousand impressions and 6.5% transaction fee on purchases for your ad space. Ads sold via the BuySellAds Marketplace will not be charged via your Pro account.

Buy Sell Ads Pro

I don’t have any websites in my portfolio just now that needs this service just now however if my forums continue to grow, I may look into trying BSA Pro out in a year or so. I recommend checking it out if you are looking for a good alternative to DFP.


Link: Buy Sell Ads Pro

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