Bye Bye Scotland

Well I’m off to Thailand to train in Muay Thai for a few months. I will be staying in the south of Phuket and will be training at Rawaii Muay Thai.

It’s been around -5 degrees celcius the last week or so in Scotland so I’m looking forward to training in the sunshine every day.

I first visited Thailand in 2003 and went back in 2004 and 2006, each time for a few weeks before I went to a new destination. Back in 2003 the net connections were awful. There were many times I was trying to email home and it was near impossible because there were a dozen or so sharing the same with a 56k modem. No joking, this happened several times!!

Thankfully, the net connections have improved and doing my work overwhere won’t be an issue. I will have wifi in my beach bungalow. I’m not sure how quick the connection is but I know the connection at the camp is quicker than my connection at home in Scotland so it should be fine.

I’ll update you all with more details/pics etc once I’m settled in.


p.s. thanks to emirates and their free wifi, I was able to post this in Dubai :)

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