Why You Need Your Content to Stay Focused

There is a mistake that all website owners and content owners make at one point of their career. They make the mistake of publishing content on too wide a variety of topics.

To help find an audience, it is better to stay focused on one or two topics that are closely related. Diverging from these topics makes it difficult for you to find subscribers.

This is a common mistake that bloggers make. I have seen travel blogs where half their content is about blogging and gadget blogs that publish about WordPress. Straying so off topic can hurt any chance you have of success.

Why YouTubers and Bloggers Need to Stay Focused on One Niche

YouTubers may find themselves in this predicament too. The situation is a little more challenging. Bloggers can organise their blog using categories, tags, and custom home pages. YouTubers are more restricted with how they can categorise all of their videos.

At the moment you can do is place videos into playlists, but you cannot restrict which of your videos are delivered to which subscribers; something which bloggers can do using RSS.

This issue was the focus of my video today on my Rise Forums YouTube channel.

I encourage you to watch the video.

Why YouTubers and Bloggers Need to Stay Focused on One Niche

Have you encountered this problem before and wanted to talk about subjects that were unrelated to the focus of your website, blog, or YouTube channel? I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comment area below.


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