How to Create Landing Pages for Free on WordPress

Today’s question comes from Heather from Happiness Mama; a regular member on Rise Forums.

Heather asked the following question:

How can you make your own landing pages? I’m looking for a way that is quick, easy, and ideally free or very inexpensive. Do you know if there are any good plugins for this? In a way it seems like a simple page should be simple to create, but I’m not sure if that’s true.

I would like to apologise to Heather for not answering her video earlier. I had hoped to answer it last week, but since the electricity was down on the day I recorded videos last week, I was unable to answer the above question as it required me to do a little research.

You can see my response to Heather in the video below:

How to Create Landing Pages for Free on WordPress

Plugins recommended in this video:

I purposely left out plugins that can only be used by signing up to a third-party service; such as Easy Landing Pages and Landing Pages Builder. In my opinion, these are not true WordPress plugins. They merely connect to a third party service through the admin area.

Likewise, I left out coming soon and maintenance pages such as Ultimate Landing Page and Coming Soon Page.

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