Darts – A little disappointing

Premier League Darts turned out to be a mixed affair last night. 4 of us arrived in Glasgow around 3.15pm and had something to eat and a few beers in the Horseshoe bar. Another 5 joined us after work. We headed to the SECC at 6.30pm to take our seats.

The first game was starting when we arrived at 7 o’clock so myself, Barry and Malky went down to the bar. 70 minutes later we got served. To say this was pissing everyone off would be an understatement. They had hardly any staff on and the queue must have been a few hundred people long at each bar. It was a joke. You would think that they would put more staff on at a Darts event where 95% of the people are there to drink!

To make matters worse, they ran out of pints at the bar we were at. So instead of paying £3.50 for a pint we had to pay £7 for 2 bottles and pour both into a cup. The time we got back to our seats the 2nd match was just finishing. So we effectively missed half of the matches by going for a beer.

The match between Jelle ‘The Matador’ Klaasen and Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor was fantastic though. Klaasen was a huge underdog at 14-1 but he arrived to loud cheers and proceeded to hand out roses to ladies in the crowd. He managed to pull ahead and it was tied at 6 each before Taylor steamed ahead and won 8-6.

It was still a good night out but the hour waiting at the bar did annoy the hell out of us. After drinking for a few hours the last thing you wanna do is stand in a queue sobering up!!

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