Enom bumps up prices again

I posted last month about ICANN increasing the prices of domain names across the net.

Enom announced here that the price I pay for domains would increase from $6.95 a domain to $7.45.

However, when I checked enom yesterday I noticed that I am now being charged $7.95 a domain and the lowest I can resell domains is now $9.18.

What does this mean?

Effectively, it means that my domain name reselling site 815 Domains is dead, well I can still resell domains but I won’t be able to use that domain name – I can hardly promote a site called 815Domains when the prices are $9.18!! If my customers don’t move their domains elsewhere then this change will not really affect me too much ie. I make more money reselling domains than I actually spend on them for myself so the hit is effectively being taken by those with sub accounts under me.

The question is, will I still be able to retain those customers? Godaddy and RegisterFly charge $9.95 per top level domain (tld) however fellow enom reseller NameCheap sells them for $9.29. Will a price of $9.18 a domain be enough to undercut these large companies which have brand names? Time will tell I guess. Obviously, I will have to try and get a suitable new domain name to continue selling domains …this time I think I will get one which doesn’t mention the price of the domain!!

On a side note, I have no idea why prices have been increased again and there is no mention of it on enom so I have contacted them to get a little more info on the situation. I’ll let you know what they say :)

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