40 Fantastic Joomla Templates

Although I consider myself more of a WordPress guy, Joomla has been a close second in terms of my favorites. What’s funny is that if you speak to someone who works with Joomla they’ll probably say the exact opposite.

Why? Because both WordPress and Joomla work as open source content management systems, meaning that you can download the software for free and develop anything from an eCommerce shop to a regular old blog. Self-hosting is available through each of the options, and many developers are known to go out and find templates and themes to get the design ball rolling.

For example, Joomla templates range in all sorts of designs, basically making your Joomla website look pretty for the users. They vary in structure and functionality, with options for membership sites, simple blogs, booking platforms and small business informational systems.

Regardless of how you plan on using Joomla, you can find a Joomla template that’s suitable and affordable. So, without further ado, keep reading to learn more about the best Joomla templates.

1. Flex – $58

The Flex Joomla template is a multipurpose solution with a drag and drop layout builder. The template provides over 55 addons, which include options like carousels, team member tabs, accordions, countdowns and animated numbers. The addons are pretty impressive, especially since you don’t have to go out and purchase or download your own.

You also get eight custom addons made just for the Flex theme. The first one is a sharp HTML5 media player. The second one is a slick slider with carousel features. The lightbox galleries, icons and testimonials come in handy as well. The fully responsive design has a beautiful newsletter integration, and the portfolio component ensures that you can show of your best work without any problems.


2. Richardo – $53

Consider the Richardo Joomla theme if you’re thinking about building a food, fashion or lifestyle blog. Really any blog would work with the template, but the default imagery includes food items. I would recommend it for a classy restaurant as well. The responsive theme has a beautiful mega menu for setting up lots of buttons and links to your pages. The shortcodes come into play when setting up items like buttons and tabs. Not to mention, you gain access to a Google Maps module and form.

The theme color switcher only changes to four different colors, but that’s at least better than nothing. The Richardo theme offers over 14 pre-designed pages, and each of the pages and posts have comments towards the bottom. Some of the additional pages include options for a portfolio, gallery, FAQ, sitemap and forum. Along with sliced PSDs, documentation and beautiful UI elements, the Richardo template stands out.


3. BurgerTime – $23.60

If you’re looking to share the word about your delicious restaurant items, the BurgerTime template is a good place to start. The theme offers support for both restaurants and bars, and it provides colorful and trendy UI elements for making your customers feel at home. BurgerTime has four distinct color styles, and various animation effects are scattered throughout the theme.

The responsive design looks great on mobile devices, and the Joomla quickstart launches your project within minutes. Some of the extensions include Deluxe News Pro, Socializer Wall, Image Gallery, Custom HTML Pro and Modal Box. Feel free to share all of the items on your menu, and consider utilizing the Font Awesome support for the ultimate typography.


4. Purity III – Free

Marketed as one of the best Joomla templates in the world, the Purity III theme might be just that in the world of free templates. It’d be a stretch to claim that compared to premium templates, but the Purity III solution offers responsiveness, portfolio items and stunning typography pages, all without a price tag.

The template is built on the robust T3 Framework, making it easy to customize and extremely fast for a free template. You can make anything from a corporate website to a full magazine. I might even suggest this as a perfect starting point when developing your own theme.

Purity III

5. Gemini – $34

I think you’ll like the Gemini template if you’re selling a modern home as a real estate agent or if you’re someone who runs an interior design business. The clean and elegant design supports other industries such as data science, finance and architecture. The responsive layout looks wonderful on all phones and tablets. Not to mention, the typography options are far more than what you would expect from a free theme.

As with many newer Joomla themes, the Gemini template has Gantry’s new inheritance system, utilizing particles and features to make it easier for the developer. For example, some of the particles include accordions, image grids, videos, simple counters, pricing tables and more.


6. Beard and Stash – $23.60

The Beard and Stash template looks like a great start for a small barbershop website. In fact, any business with a vintage-looking brand might want to check this one out. You get a handful of extensions such as Deluxe News Pro and Appointment Book. This means you can collect appointments from customers, even when you’re not at the phone or computer. Oh yea, and the YouTube background looks incredible when you have a beautiful video.

In addition, the Xtream Video extension enables more fluid videos that don’t slow down your site. The Font Awesome icons add a little bit of spice to your design, and the over 100 module positions impress even the most advanced developers. Along with image hero areas and impressive parameter settings, the Beard and Stash template looks solid.

Beard and Stash

7. Kraft – $23.60

The Kraft template stands out because of the default craft beer user interface. The responsive design has all of the items you’ll need for getting the word out about your brewery. The stylish and clean design stands out from competition, and it has some solid pages and menu items for beer blogs, pubs and brewhouses.

What’s more is that you gain access to over 60 module positions, all of which are bound to make the development process that much easier. The mobile layouts are useful for those customers that are constantly on the go, while the Joomla quickstart makes launching the website a bit easier. Finally, some of the extensions include K2 Content Wall, Easy Image Gallery, Age Lock and Deluxe News Pro.


8. JS Dona – Free

The JS Dona template is a free solution with six homepage layouts. This is pretty good considering you don’t have to pay a dime for the template. Some of the layouts include business, portfolio, religion and politics. Therefore, I recommend that developers throw this template in their arsenal. You never know when those more niche markets may come up.

The multipurpose template is mainly powered by free versions of Joomla extensions. You also get a few menu styles and font styles, both of which improve the way your brand looks to your users. The free version doesn’t have a responsive layout or a mega menu. However, you do have the option to upgrade for the functionality.

JS Dona

9. Versla – $34

Consider the Versla theme if you’re thinking about a system that can put your products on the center stage. This is a lean and powerful template, packed with typography options and beautiful tools for adjusting your overall design. Selling should become easier when you go with Versla. You get to hide or display different types of content for certain devices and users.

Furthermore, the inheritance system turns your backend into more of a drag and drop builder. I like the included particles such as block content, accordions, grid statistics, newsletters, pricing tables and more. Don’t forget that the shopping cart is packaged in there as well. Social icons are included with the template. Some of the other features include popup modules, coming soon pages, custom typography and six preset styles.


10. Magazine – Free

As you may have assumed from the name, the Magazine theme is a one of kind solution for making, you guessed it, a magazine. The whole point of the template is so you can keep writing your blog articles without worrying about the actual layout. For example, you most likely want your content to show up as a magazine layout, with beautiful imagery and links. The good news is that the Magazine template does most of the work for you.

The template has clearly understandable navigation and social options for improving how well your articles perform. For example, the social buttons snap into place for mobile devices, significantly boosting the potential number of conversions. Overall, the additional extensions and the self-populated sidebars make a pretty nice-looking magazine.


11. Fontaine – $59

The Fontaine Joomla template is responsive and made for businesses. The theme has a far more professional look than some of the others I’ve talked about on this list. Not only that, but the cleanliness of the theme makes it perfect for beginners. The theme is fully responsive for smaller devices, and it has numerous layouts with a mega menu and flexible slider.

The powerful admin panel manages everything from colors to fonts. You even get five default colors to get the ball rolling. Overall, you can’t go wrong with Fontaine if you’re trying to construct a general business website. I wouldn’t touch the thing if I wanted to build an eCommerce site, however.


12. Blog Theme – $53

The Blog Theme is by far my favorite Joomla blogging theme. It only costs around $50, yet you gain access to a stunning, eye-catching menu. In addition, the fullscreen header is primed for a travel photograph or even a picture of the newest fashion style. The Blog Theme has overlaying text for introducing your site to the world. Not only that, but the pictures scroll with the help of a slider.

The responsive design works on all devices, including those with less popular browsers. The theme has a newsletter form for building your email list, and the Google API gets people in the right location at the right time. The contact form pairs nicely with the Google API, since it all goes right on your Contact page.

Blog Theme

13. JSN Sky – Free

The JSN Sky Joomla template exudes a sense of adventure and wonder, providing a beautiful theme with tools for users to stop by and book trips. The theme is meant for helping people find destinations, and the typography options are sure to improve how you communicate with customers.

The JSN Sky theme has modules for showcasing your promos, hotels or whatever you plan on renting out. It looks somewhat like AirBnB, but you could turn this into a site for just one hotel or a directory for thousands of them. The template looks solid on mobile devices and it provides about six color variations.



14. At Nine Flat – $Price

The At Nine Flat is one of the more impressive free Joomla templates, seeing as how it’s responsive for various resolution screens, you get access to seven theme colors and the eight backgrounds are perfect for branding your site. A showcase module comes in handy for displaying all of your blog articles, while the theme also has 58 module positions for completely customizing the look and feel of your site.

Both Google Fonts and Google Analytics are supported through the At Nine Flat theme. Not to mention, it’s super easy to change around the dimensions of a template.

At Nine Flat

15. FutureProspests – $48

I enjoy the FutureProspests Joomla template for tech businesses. That said, you could technically use it for anything that requires a modern design. The responsiveness can be turned off. I’m not sure why you would do that, but the option is there. It has a boostrap grid layout, using 12 columns for a fluid setup. Not only that, but the 13 standard module positions open up customization options for all developers.

The FutureProspests template provides eight color variations. The Google analytics are there to show you where your traffic is coming from, while the Google Web Fonts support turns your website into more of a visual experience. Along with support for two sidebars, a logo uploader, custom error page and custom offline page, the FutureProspests template stands strong.


16. Industrix – $49

Industrix has a loyal following seeing as how it caters to more niche industrial companies like oil and gas corporations or automotive builders. The responsive Joomla template is surprisingly colorful for an industrial design, but it still lets off a sense of professionalism and class. The template has both light and dark versions. In addition, the magazine layout allows for better organization, especially with lots of content.

The multiple layout pages make Industrix the number one selling industrial Joomla template on the market. The pages allow for talking about and showcasing products, the people on your team, services and pictures from the field. The quickstart pack gets your site launched within minutes, and the multilingual support is great for reaching out to people all over the world. You even get the Revolution Slider plugin.


17. Elite – $23.60

The Elite Joomla template is a solution for travel agencies, hotels and any company in the hospitality industry. It’s a clean and stylish template made on the Bootstrap framework. It has CSS3 enabled for the ultimate customization of visual effects and animations.

The responsive design has been tested on everything from tablets to phones, and it all checks out. We always like to see the Joomla quickstart, allowing you to get your site launched quickly. Finally, some of the extensions you’ll receive include Deluxe News Pro, Image Gallery, Custom HTML Pro, Elevator and Joomla Event Manager Wall for informing customers about upcoming events.


18. HLI – $48

Describing the HLI template only takes a moment, since it’s clear that the majority of people are going to use it for interior design. The clean lines and white space combine to expose the true beauty of the HLI theme. It’s a Joomla template that works on all devices, and the flexible width is even more of a reason to save this little theme in your development toolbox.

The template does have around 13 standard module positions, yet some of my favorite features include the Google Web Fonts, the login popup feature, a full set of social icons and the logo uploader. I also enjoy the custom error page, since it assists in keeping your customers on the right track. Along with wonderful media support, the HLI template feature-set looks great.


19. Stocky – $23.60

Here’s a great theme for all the photographers out there. Not only does Stocky help you sell or give away your photography, but you can build your own stock photograph library, akin to Getty Images. The Joomla quickstart and mobile layouts are nice to see, but the true functionality comes in the form of extensions.

For example, the Stocky template includes the Age Lock extension, which keeps people out who might be too young for your site. I also like the K2 Content Wall for displaying lots of photos in a gallery. The Easy Donate button comes in handy for freelancers trying to make a buck, while the Reading List extension lets users save content for later.


20. Design Control – Free

The Design Control template empowers developers to construct a responsive, row-based business theme without having to pay a dime. This is one of those free themes that could technically be sold as a premium solution. The highlight colors help with branding, and the custom parallax backgrounds are ideal for grabbing attention.

I believe the Google Fonts integration is one of the main reasons the theme looks so visually appealing. Not to mention, the custom columns and row widths are certain to clean up the space and make things look professional. Around 92 collapsible core template positions are offered through the template. Some of the other features include the ability to choose between large and small menus, social media integration, uppercase letters, and custom highlight colors.

Design Control

21. Sienna – $34

I recommend taking a look at the Sienna template if you’re in the travel business.. Not only is this one pretty darn affordable, but it’s the most beautiful solution I’ve found for travel websites. What’s more is that the search module on the homepage asks for things like checkout dates and the number of people going on the trip.

On its surface it looks like a hotel booking page, but you could technically utilize the functionality for renting out rooms, booking tours or sharing information about flight rates around the world. The booking form is included with the package, and the typography is extremely easy to customize. Not only that, but you get everything from mobile menus to social icons and popup modules to unlimited positions.


22. Eventus – $48

The Eventus template is best when used for, you guessed it, events. The unlimited colors and drag and drop editor presents a nice design experience. The frontend is built for anything from charity events to fashion shows, selling tickets for the events and collecting information from the attendants.

The parallax sections are meant to grab attention when people land on your site. The sticky menu is great for guiding people around the site, while the Revolution Slider presents information about the event. Multiple homepage layouts come with the template. For example, one of them is for charity events, while the other is just for fashion. Car expos and business conference layouts also look impressive.

23. Salient – $34

The Salient Joomla template has a clean and modern design, which I would use for a more visual company or for a photographer who would like to get several photos on the homepage at once. The template allows for easy color changes, and you get a responsive layout for adapting to mobile devices.

Some of the included particles are animated blocks, custom HTML, newsletters, social, testimonials and mobile menus. The template features include block variations, custom particles, custom typography and more. The Coming Soon page is a nice touch, too.

24. Brewery – $53

Although the Brewery Joomla template only works for restaurants, bars and breweries, the design stands strong with the help of a one page layout, beautiful fullscreen header and visual storytelling throughout.  The responsive template quickly adapts to any type of device, while the theme color switcher lets you match up the highlight colors to your logo.

The Google Map module pairs with the contact form, and the Google Web Fonts give you everything from Times New Roman to Verdana. The commenting system is essential for conversation starting. I particularly enjoy the 14 predesigned pages, some of which are for talking about your team, while others are for your history, pricing, contact info or menu.

25. LondonCreative + – $38

The LondonCreative + template ensures both visual prowess and colorful simplicity. The theme works for creative people and agencies. I would argue that the colors and functions are the ideal setup for freelance designers and photographers. LondonCreative + is a portfolio and blog theme, so you can connect with your potential clients while also talking to the clients you’ve had in the past.

The three color options boost your options for branding, while the gallery page templates get you moving in the right direction for visuals. I’m impressed by the validating contact forms, since you generally have to go out and buy a plugin for this functionality. Along with custom modules and a sleek slider, the LondonCreative+ theme has what all photographers need.


26. Ethereal – $34

The Ethereal theme is meant for creatives. The Joomla template is sold at a reasonable price, and it has a grid-based design on the homepage, offering a large slider module and a place to talk about your freelance services or your agency. The drag and drop interface is sure to attract beginners and advanced users. You can make easy color changes with the help of the preset settings.

Not to mention, the responsive design changes around elements depending on what device is being used. Quite a few template features are found in the Ethereal theme. One of them is a newsletter email collection form. There’s also a set of social icons for getting users to follow you on places like Facebook and Twitter.


27. Kronos – $23.60

The Kronos template boasts color and style, utilizing a lightweight and feature packed design. The template provides a beautiful graphic header, which you could change around and use for just about any type of business. The beautiful custom CSS3 effects don’t slow down your site, yet the custom icons make your presence more visual.

Quite a few JavaScript effects are sprinkled throughout the entire theme. I particularly like the background video, since it informs users what your page is all about. As with many of the best Joomla templates, the Kronos theme comes with some solid extensions. One of them is called Deluxe News Pro, while another is a YouTube Background, instantly displaying videos for your background.

28. Lighthouse – $59

If you’ve had a chance to look at the Lighthouse theme in the past, you know just how powerful it can be for a church or religious organization. Lighthouse is one of the only charity/church templates I have on the list, but it’s certainly worth the consideration if you plan on making a site like that.

The Joomla template is completely responsive so that all elements snap into place on smaller devices. The numerous layout options support mega menus and beautiful fonts, while the countdown timer is sure to drum up some activity for your donations. The textured background creates a sense of calm, and the five beautiful colors get your branding started off right.


29. Remnant – $34

The Remnant template has a creative look to it, with a large background header and a style that screams out to artists and musicians. The rich selection of elegant typography peaks peoples’ interest. Not to mention, the responsive design snaps into place when viewed on smaller devices. The theme has five preset styles for you to get the ball rolling, and the social icons link your users to Facebook and Twitter.

The audio and video support is stronger than the average template, allowing you to get creative with your past work, showing users highlight reels or examples of what you can do when it comes to videography or photography. The theme’s Coming Soon page preps those who aren’t quite familiar with your site, setting you up for success with email subscriptions and buzz.


30. Cafe and Restaurant – $41

The Cafe and Restaurant template features a solid Joomla build for restaurants and food service companies. The menus are highlighted right on the homepage, and you get a slider for sharing shots of your best meals. We like that all of the contact information is presented right below the slider, with clean typography and beautiful white space.

The repsonsive design fits nicely on mobile devices, and the slider can be customized for featuring everything from promotions to buttons. The theme color switcher does its job pretty well, and the “stick to top” menu remains towards the top of the page as a user scrolls down. The Google Map API connects with your contact form, and the font icons are beautiful additions to the often dull visuals on a website.

Cafe and Restaurant

31. Ambrosia – $34

Consider Ambrosia and you won’t be disappointed. The name has a hint of seduction to it and so does the design. This is a flat, magazine-style Joomla template made just for publications that want to organize lots of content. It looks the best for more modern magazines, like for video games and movies. However, a lifestyle magazine fits in as well.

The drag and drop backend drives sales for the template, seeing as how you get an assortment of individual style options and modules for verything from sidebars to sliders. The preset colors include six options, all of which look good on the template. Not only that, but you get some interesting template features. Some of these include block variations


32. Sandal – $59

The Sandal theme is sold at almost $60, but that comes with an onslaught of features. This is the ultimate business Joomla template, as it’s packed with a wide variety of product pages and homepage layouts. The default homepage provides contact information, social media buttons and a full width slider. The shortcodes are there on the backend for implementing anything from buttons to columns. Overall, the Sandal template is a study on elegance, beauty and boldness.

The Sandal template has blazing fast test speeds. In addition, buyers receive both a timetable and scheduler, saving them $20 in the process. The nine color styles come along with the built-in customizer, and the multilingual support improves your reach throughout the world. Along with a custom 404 error page and robust typography, the Sandal template holds up.


33. Protean – $34

With the Protean template, developers have an incredible set of solutions for quickly designing a site and making it look both modern and creative. The template is meant primarily for building a modern portfolio, but it has the tools for constructing a beautiful gallery on a regular website. Company profiles work nicely with the Protean theme as well.

The typography options range from elegant fonts to more playful solutions. The theme is also completely responsive for those on the go. As you may have assumed, the Protean template comes with several particles, some of which include grid stats, newsletters, videos, simple counters and video grids. You also get items like popup modules and Coming Soon pages.


34. Topaz – $34

I love the Topaz Joomla template for a few reasons. First of all, it provides a stunning header module with overlaying text and links. This is a wonderful way to introduce your blog or business. The design comes out strong for individuals, professionals and agencies, and the elegant design comes together with the help of rich typography.

The Gantry core is standard with the Topaz template. This means the theme provides several features such as a visual menu editor, layout manager, fluid width option, powerful particle system, AJAX admin and more. You can’t forget about the popup modules, social icons and six preset styles.


35. High Fashion – $53

There’s no doubt which types of companies will be gunning for the High Fashion theme. It’s a niche product, with a fullscreen slider and beautiful galleries to go with it. The template is completely responsive for people to buy clothing while on smaller devices. you even get a cool parallax effect that combines nicely with the large slider images. Seeing as how you would generally sell through an eCommerce store with the theme, it has a mega menu for connecting to hundreds of pages.

Some of the additional High Fashion pages include pricing, history, forum, elements, template, site map, careers, and FAQs. Overall, you shouldn’t have any problem discovering a layout for one of your pages. The social login is rather beneficial as well, displaying buttons for Facebook and Google + logins. Some of the other tools include a newsletter subscription and search form.

36. Gravity – $59

The Gravity Joomla template delivers a modern, tech-like punch, using blue and white default colors and a widescreen slider to present information in a professional manner. It may look like a tech theme, but it’s actually designed for education. The responsive design is suitable for colleges, schools, universities and online schools. The six beautiful color styles start your design process, and the seven homepage layouts don’t hurt.

The free timetable component organizes classes with your students, and the five custom widgets make it easy for organizing the class elements. This is a mobile friendly theme, and you get a mega menu for selling lots of classes. The Events Calendar is a must-have, and the custom CSS allows you to expand the school website with custom coding.

37. Galatea – $34

The Galatea Joomla template has a strong set of animation effects. The owl carousel slideshow is one of the more impressive features in this entire article. After all, it’s an extremely simple slider to work with, and it doesn’t slow down your site. The mobile inspired menu is configure on the backend, and the elegant foreground and background effects are all part of the versatile design experience.

The typography is a rather important part of the Galatea theme. Although this is a rather media-centric template, it still requires lots of typography to make the message heard. Some of the other template features include sophisticated fields, AJAX admin, mega menu support, a visual menu editor and the powerful particle system.


38. Porto – $59

Porto is an ultra responsive Joomla template, meaning you’re not going to have to worry about users who bring it up on a phone or tablet. The template comes with several demos. Therefore, you can choose from options like web design, construction, small business, restaurant, real estate, medical or wedding. The unlimited header layouts improve the way you present your company towards the top of the site. For example, you might want to have social media buttons, but not a search bar.

I would assume that most people who buy Porto are planning on making an eCommerce store. The eCommerce header layouts support shopping carts, contact information and a search bar. It almost looks similar to the way Amazon has its header. In terms of design and creativity, you can change around content colors, breadcrumb colors and background elements. The developers even offer a customizable shop category.

39. Requiem – $34

Think about going for the Requiem Joomla template if you’re making a travel blog. Overall, any blog would fit in with the design, seeing as how the large header presents a stunning image and the overlaying text explains the blog. The theme is 100% responsive, from the homepage to the contact form.

If I had to choose a few favorite features, I would include the newsletter signup form, the Joomla articles module and horizontal menu. I also enjoy the content list, animated block and image grid. You can’t go wrong with the simple counter either, since you never know when you might be holding a sale or an event.


40. Safari – $53

Safari is a wise choice for outdoorsy type companies. Although it looks perfect for a safari company, you could obviously remove the lion image in order to present a completely different service. In short, the Joomla template has the tools and settings you need for running any type of travel platform.

The template is responsive for smaller devices, and it has a parallax effect in the header area. The slider is certain to grab attention, while the sticky menu guides people throughout the site. Along with font icons, color schemes, contact forms and a login form, the Safari theme is a user-friendly dream.



There you have it! Those are some of the best Joomla templates from the deepest corners of the internet. Chances are you’ll stumble upon even more options to mull over, so let us know in the comments when you discover other awesome Joomla templates!

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