50 Free Photoshop Logo Templates

A good custom logo design will set you back a few hundred dollars. Over the last few years I have purchased stock logo templates instead as they can be purchased from only $29.

If you do not want to spend any money on a logo, you may want to consider downloading a free logo template. There are a lot of great Photoshop logo templates available online that can be downloaded free of charge.

Today, I would like to share with you some of the best.

1. Attorney Logo Template

Attorney Logo Template

SecureWeb Logo

Audio Guru Logo

Web 2.0 Business Logo

5. Legal Logo Design Template

Legal Logo Design Template

6. DOA Pirate Sound Logo Template

Pirate Sound Logo Template

Share Site Logo

A Game Logo

9. Logo Collection Freebie

Logo Collection

Scribble It Logo


Boarding Videos Logo

13. Embroidered Logo MockUp

Embroidered Logo MockUp

Doctor Logo

15. Free Grand

Free Grand Logo

Image Upload Logo

Doctor Locator Logo

18. Nerd Geek Man Logo Template

Free Nerd Geek Man Logo

The Boaters World Logo

Fire Logo

Sunset Company Logo

22. Logo Design + 3 Extras

Logo Design 3 Extras

Zip Share Logo

The Coffee Bean Logo

Credit Card Inc Logo

26. Free Logo Templates

Free Logo Templates

Hexagonal Logo

28. BS arthouse logo templatesh

BS arthouse logo templates

The Truck Depot Logo

30. Spot UV Logo MockUp

Spot UV Logo MockUp

Spark Business Logo

32. Linen Logo Mock-Up Template

Linen Logo Mock-Up Template

33. Silver Stamping Logo MockUp

Silver Stamping Logo MockUp

34. Leather Stamping Logo MockUp #2

Leather Stamping Logo MockUp

35. Embossed Paper Logo MockUp

Embossed Paper Logo MockUp

36. 4 Vintage Logo Templates

4 Vintage Logo Templates

37. Letterpress Logo MockUp #1

LLetterpress Logo MockUp #1

38. Metallic Logo PSD MockUp

Metallic Logo PSD MockUp

39. Painted Wood Logo MockUp

Painted Wood Logo MockUp

40. Free Logo Mockup

Free Logo Mockup

41. Leather Stamping Logo MockUp

Leather Stamping Logo MockUp

42. Window Signage MockUp

Window Signage MockUp

43. 3D Wall Logo MockUp

3D Wall Logo MockUp

44. Gold Stamping Logo MockUp

Gold Stamping Logo MockUp

45. Vintage Metal Emblem MockUp

Vintage Metal Emblem MockUp

46. Cutout Logo MockUp

Cutout Logo MockUp

47. Pressed Cardboard Logo MockUp

Pressed Cardboard Logo MockUp

48. 4 Vintage Logo Badges

4 Vintage Logo Badges

49. 5 Vintage Labels

5 Vintage Labels

What's The Weather Logo
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