I Remember the Frustrations New Bloggers Face

When I first started blogging regularly, I used to publish tutorials that were targeted towards beginner bloggers. It was natural for me to focus on these topics as I was learning new things about blogging every day and wanted to share what I learned with others.

Over time, I became more experienced at blogging and more experienced with the WordPress platform I use to power my blogs. As I evolved, my content evolved too; with more of my articles and tutorials focusing on intermediate to advanced topics.

Tired and Frustrated
Many people get frustrated when they first start blogging.
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It is obvious that someone who gains experience in a subject is more capable of writing about complex topics than a beginner can. However, what many people do not realise is that when you become more experienced at something, your ability to write about beginner topics diminishes.

Of course, people with experience can still write a tutorial that is aimed at beginners as all you have to do is list the steps that someone needs to follow e.g. do A, then B, then C. What becomes difficult is the ability to relate to beginners. This is true whatever subject you are writing about; whether it be blogging, golf, engineering, or whatever.

Nine years after I first started blogging, it has become more difficult for me to relate to the problems that many bloggers face; which is why I no longer write articles for beginners.

I am a Beginner Again

A few months ago I made the decision to start being active on YouTube. I had previously uploaded videos to my YouTube channel more than two years ago while I was backpacking around South America; however, this was a conscious decision to become better at recording, editing, and presentation.

What I have found fascinating is that I am experiencing all the same emotions that I did when I first started blogging regularly.

I am passionate about it. I am excited about it. And I am enjoying learning new things every day.

However, I am also frustrated by it and some days find the task of learning so many new things at once challenging.

This combination of enjoyment and frustration is common when learning a new skill; however, it does not make it any less daunting.

Whilst this journey of of becoming better at filming may not help me write articles aimed at beginners again, I do feel that I have more empathy for the task that new bloggers face.

I have no doubt that this will help me provide better support on Rise Forums as I believe there is a tendency for experienced internet marketers like myself to be, dare I say, dismissive of the challenges that new bloggers are dealing with every day.

I believe my experience as a blogger will help me with my goal of developing a popular YouTube channel. I spoke about this issue the other day in my Google Hangout.

Kevin Muldoon Live Hangout - 19 May 2015

My plan with my YouTube challenge is to accept that I am terrible at filming and just keep plodding along every week, gaining a little more experience each time I record a video for my channel. Over time, I should become more comfortable in front of the camera, better at editing, and understand the technical side of recording and recording equipment.

I believe that this is the correct approach when tackling something new. Just accept you are inexperienced, keep learning every day, and above all, enjoy yourself :)

A Quick Word…

A quick word of advice before I sign off.

For those of you are just starting out with blogging and making money online, please be understanding of the fact that it has been many years since experienced internet marketers had the problems you are facing every day.

For those of you who have been working online, be understanding of the position that beginners are in. Their questions might seem trivial, but that is because they are just starting out and are overwhelmed with all the information that is out there.

Thanks for reading.


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