50 Free Smiley & Emoticon Icon Sets

Smileys, Smileys, Smileys! Those little funny faces have been a major part of the internet since the early days. The first time I came across them was the old Yahoo chat rooms. Then I would regularly see them in chat clients such as MSN Messenger and Yahoo Chat.

They are also used frequently in forums, a place where it is important to use the correct smiley. Things can be taken out of context so easily on discussion forums, and a well placed emoticon can be the difference between a new BFF on the internet and the start of an all out war!

Today I’d like share with you 50 smiley sets. Some are cute, some are funny, all are free. I hope you enjoy the list :)

1. The Blacy

The Blacy

2. Cutest Panda Emoticon

Cutest Panda Emoticons

3. 2s-Space Emoticons v1.0

2s-Space Emoticons V1

4. 2s-Space Emotions v2.0

2s-Space Emotions v2

5. Onion Heads

Onion Heads



7. Emoticons


8. Jelliemotes First Set

Jelliemotes First Set

9. Tango Emotes

Tango Emotes

10. Furry Emoticons 014

Furry Emoticons 0.1

11. Chibi Xion Emoticons

Chibi Xion Emoticons

12. Emoji


13. Emoticon Starter Pack

Emoticon Starter Pack V2

14. 28 Gummy emoticons PACK

28 Gummy emoticons PACK

15. IconTexto Emoticons

IconTexto Emoticons

16. 36 Square emoticons PACK

36 Square emoticons PACK

17. Vista Style Emoticons Icons

Vista Style Emoticons Icons

18. Shrek Emoticons


19. Bunny Emoticon Pack v3

Bunny Emoticon Pack v3

20. Emoticons from ICQ4

Emoticons from ICQ4

21. POPO emotions full version

POPO emotions full version

22. Emoticon X Final

Emoticon X Final

23. Keriyo Emoticons

Keriyo Emoticons

24. Onion Head Emoticons

Onion Head Emoticons

25. Mazes Mini Emote

Mazes Mini

26. Buttery Emoticons Icons

Buttery Emoticons Icons

27. 16 non rasterized emoticons pack + bonus

16 non rasterized emoticons pack + bonus

28. Halloween Pumpkin Emoticons icons pack

Halloween Pumpkin Emoticons icons pack

29. Chibi Marluxia Emoticons

Chibi Marluxia Emoticons

30. StarWars Emoticons Pack

StarWars Emoticons Pack

31. Blueticons


32. Expressions Yummies

Expressions Yummies

33. Friendly Fire Icons icons pack

Friendly Fire Icons icons pack

34. Iconset: Emoticons Icons by IconTexto

Iconset Emoticons Icons by IconTexto

35. Monkey Emoticons Set

Monkey Emoticons Set

36. Emoticons icons pack

Emoticons icons pack

37. Smilies Emotion Icons clip art

Smilies Emotion Icons clip art

38. Vista Style Emoticons Icons by Icons-Land

Iconset Vista Style Emoticons Icons by Icons Land

39. Be Happy clip art

Be Happy clip art

40. Cool Emoticons

Cool Emoticons

41. vector emoticons collection

vector emoticons collection

42. Tango Emotes – Devil Extension

Tango Emotes - Devil Extension

43. Say


44. Very Emotional Emoticons

Very Emotional Emoticons

45. Smiley Face

Smiley Face

46. Vector Smiley Pack

Vector Smiley Pack

47. Pidgin ‘Old’ Tango Smilies

Pidgin 'Old' Tango Smilies

48. Y o l k s – 2

Y o l k s - 2

49. Emix 1 emoticons pack

Emix 1 emoticons pack

50. Y o l k s

Y o l k s

Is there a good free smiley list I have missed out? If so, please feel free to share it in the comment area.