Goodbye Encarta

Looks like wikipedia has finally killed off Encarta, Microsofts long serving digital Encyclopedia.

I remember using Encarta a lot in the last few years of High School. Pre internet, it was a great place to find (borrow/steal) information for projects/essays that you had to complete, so I have fond memories of it. I even got a copy free with my first pentium pc.

But it’s no real surprise that Microsoft are discontinuing the product due to how widely available information is online nowadays. Microsoft said as much :

Encarta has been a popular product around the world for many years. However, the category of traditional encyclopedias and reference material has changed. People today seek and consume information in considerably different ways than in years past. As part of Microsoft’s goal to deliver the most effective and engaging resources for today’s consumer, it has made the decision to exit the Encarta business

Anyone else remember using Encarta?

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