Google Employees Convicted in Italy for…well, something that wasn’t anything to do with them!

I was really surprised to read today that 3 Google Employees have been convicted in Italy because of a video which shows an autistic teenager being bullied. It goes without saying that no normal person wants to see something as sick as that…but what’s it got to do with Google staff?

They didn’t make the video, upload the video or even review it. They simply cannot review every video which is reviewed. Google did take the video down when someone reported it, so how the hell can they be convicted.

If this rule was passed around the world it would pretty mean the end of online video. I can assure you that there are thousands of sick and disgusting videos on Google, not to mention the racist comments which are listed there too. But do they expect every video to be reviewed before going online? Youtube gets millions of uploads a month, it just isn’t possible to do that.

And would anyone work for a video sharing site such as Youtube, Vimeo or DailyMotion if they knew they could get jailtime for some other asshole uploading a video? I know I wouldn’t.

Absolute madness!

Read more at BBC : Google bosses convicted in Italy

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