Google Launch Adsense Direct

Google have announced a brand new service called Adsense Direct. It is a brand new tool for website owners who want to sell advertisements directly on their website. In this respect, the service will be competing against established services such as BuySellAds.

I have not been able to test out the service myself as it is currently only available in the United States. The key part of the service appears to be that you need to arrange a deal directly with the advertiser.

We’re happy to introduce AdSense Direct, a new feature for publishers getting started with their first directly sold ad deals. You can easily manage directly sold ads from within your AdSense account, and show them on your pages without needing to make any changes to your site’s code. AdSense Direct is currently available to publishers and advertisers located in the U.S., and we hope to expand further in the coming months.

To use AdSense Direct, you’ll first need to arrange a direct deal with an advertiser — this can be any advertiser, regardless of whether or not they’re using AdWords. Once you’ve both agreed on the terms of the deal, enter the details into your AdSense account. You’ll get a link to send to the advertiser, where they can upload their ad and pay for the deal with Google Wallet. Once you approve the ad creative, the campaign will be ready to launch at the time period specified.

So far, there is no indication as to how much of a cut Google will take for using this service:

I’m looking forward to trying the service out, however it will need to be a good setup if it is going to take on BuySellAds. BSA has several years of experience in this area and the owner Todd Garland has always given me fantastic support. So I do not have any plans on jumping ship.

The one feature that I believe they have over their competition is Adsense. If any of your ad spaces are unsold, Google will simply revert back to Google Adsense ads instead. This could prove to be a big hit with websites who already use Adsense for their unsold inventory.

You can read the official announcement via the link below.


Link: Introducing AdSense Direct – a simple way to manage your direct sales

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