Grandstand – A Gorgeous Free Blogging WordPress Theme

Like most internet marketers, I receive an avalanche of affiliate related emails every week. The sheer volume of emails being sent by affiliate companies means that most got ignored, but today I received an email from Tesla Themes and decided to check them out as I hadn’t looked at their themes for a while.

Tesla Themes have a good collection of premium themes, however it was their free design Grandstand that caught my attention. As someone who loves minimal blogging themes, I was really impressed with the design.

The Grandstand WordPress Theme

The Grandstand design is responsive so looks good on all devices. It’s designed using Bootstrap 3, HTML5 and CSS3. I love the clean design and the way that everything is spaced out nicely.

Social media is integrated into the theme and there is support for Google Web Fonts.

Grandstand Theme Header
The Grandstand theme home page.

There is a widget zone in the sidebar, but none in the header or footer.

Grandstand Theme Footer
The Grandstand theme footer.

A few basic options are available in the WordPress customizer too.

WordPress Theme Customizer
WordPress Theme Customizer

Grandstand is child theme friendly too and there is a documentation file included in the download file.

Try it Yourself

Grandstand isn’t the most versatile WordPress theme so if you are expecting the world from it, you will be disappointed. However, for a simple blogging design I think it ticks a lot of boxes.

Grandstand can be downloaded free of charge from Tesla Themes. I recommend checking it out.

Good luck.

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