Google Helpouts – A Place To Make Money By Helping Others

Helpouts by Google is a a video support website that was launched in Google two months ago. I missed the announcements at the time, though I was intrigued when I came across it today.

The premise of the website is simple. People can get help on a wide variety of issues through video. Whilst it is possible to offer free advice, the vast majority of people charge for their services.

The video below explains what the service offers:

The home page allows you to browse through all the helpouts that are on offer. Helpouts are placed into one of eight categories such as Computers and Electronics or Fitness & Nutrition. Featured helpers are displayed prominently in this area.

Helpouts by Google

Clicking on a helpout offer takes you to an information. This page explains how the helper can help you and details more information about themselves. It is common for helpers to link to their Google+ profile, website, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. In this respect, it pays to have an existing presence online; whether it be in social media or a professional website.

Helpouts by Google Information Page

Rates are displayed on the information page and you can schedule a hangout at a desired time. Most people offer a price per 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes. It is also common to charge on a per min basis. It should be no surprise that Google Wallet is the payment service that is used to handle payments.

Reviews are key to the Helpouts service. Each customer is asked to give a review after hiring someone. Although no one is above receiving a negative review, this system should encourage good service and push those who offer quality support higher up in the rankings.

Helpouts by Google Reviews

I have not been able to test Helpouts out as yet, though I have applied to take part. I’m looking forward to giving it a try. Not only is it a good way to make some extra money, it could also raise my profile and increase my social media following.

I encourage you to check it out :)


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