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Hosting24 is a shared hosting and VPS hosting company that has been operating since 2004 (or longer if you count their free service 000webhost).

The company is based in Lithuania and Cyprus. It was initially launched as Hosting Media and has went through many changes over the last 14 years, the latest of which is its merging with its own Hostinger platform.

With 29 million customers in 178 countries and an average 15,000 of new sign ups every day, Hosting24 is definitely one of the biggest players in the hosting world.

As their name suggests, Hosting24 offers 24/7 customer service.

In this article I would like to take a closer look at the service and what it offers.

The Hostinger Cloud Platform

In 2011 Hosting24 launched their Hostinger brand and it has gone on to become one of the largest hosting companies online.

Both Hosting24 and Hostinger operated on separate platforms for years, but this year they transferred all Hosting24 customers to the Hostinger Cloud platform.

Due to this, Hosting24 has got:

  • A new design
  • A fresh members area
  • Improved customer support
  • Server performance tweaks and optimization

The customer area is very easy to navigate. You can manage domains, billing, server information, and earn money by referring others via their affiliate program.

Hosting24 Main Dashboard
The Hosting24 dashboard is colourful and easy to navigate.

You can configure your website hosting settings in the main hosting area.

Hosting24 uses a modified version of cPanel that has been integrated into the Hosting24 control panel. You can modify everything you need here.

You will find a file manager, email management, domain setup, database management, cron jobs, security, and much more. You will also find a website builder that lets you build your own website using templates.

Hoting24 Control Panel
cPanel users will find themselves at home.

Support is available at all times. A purple message icon floats in the control panel at all times which allows you to contact support for live chat or access the help centre.

Hosting24 Control Panel
You can handle most things through the control panel so you don’t have to contact support for modifications.

From a stability point of view, the decision to consolidate all of their hosting brands under one platform makes sense. It made no sense for brands such as Hosting24 and Hostinger to be hosted on completely different platforms.

Available Hosting Plans

All Hosting24 hosting plans offer a free SSL certificate and 24 hours a day live support.

Their shared hosting plans start from only $2.15 per month. These packages are optimised for WordPress. They have a dedicated sales page for WordPress hosting, but this is designed for search engines as the features and pricing is identical to their shared hosting plans. cPanel shared hosting plans are available too.

You can host a single website on Hosting24 for only $2.15 per month. That gives you 10GB of storage and 100GB of bandwidth.

The more expensive plans should provide you with faster hosting, but remember that no website hosting company can offer you unlimited storage of bandwidth. This is just a marketing technique used in the industry to appeal to beginners who do not understand how website hosting works. I don’t like the fact Hosting24 misleads people in this way, but it is hard to single them out since every shared hosting company does this.

Shared Hosting Plans
You can host your website from just a few dollars per month.

Whilst shared hosting is a good option for beginners and for developers who want to do testing, a VPS hosting package will provide a faster and more reliable hosting service.

A VPS hosting package will give you an allocation of a SSD based dedicated server. Their cheapest plan is only $10.78 per month and guarantees you 1GB of RAM, 2GB of Burst RAM (when needed), and two to four cores of 2.4 GHz CPUs. You also get 20GB of storage and 100GB of bandwidth.

Hosting24 VPS Plans
Hosting24 VPS Plans are fairly priced.

VPS customers are provided with a dedicated IP address and root access to their virtual private server. There’s support for IPv6 too and you can utilise a 100MB/s connection.

Hosting24 VPS Plans
Their most expensive VPS plan offers 8GB of RAM and 16GB of Burst RAM.

If you are looking to make some money from website hosting, you may want to check out Hosting24’s reseller hosting plans. Reselling hosting plans are popular as you can host your own website and host websites for friends and make money by doing so.

The basic reseller plan costs $25.99 per month. It gives you 50GB of storage and 500GB of bandwidth and lets you host as many websites as you want.

White labelling allows you to brand the hosting package as your own so that customers wouldn’t even know who you are hosted with. Other features include CloudFlare integration, automatic backups, one click installation software, custom nameservers, and more.

Hosting24 Reseller Plans
Hosting24 offers two reseller plans.

All Hosting24 hosting plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Other Hosting Services

Just like other hosting services, Hosting24 lets you register a domain with them and transfer your existing domains in. You can get a free domain with your hosting plan too if you wish.

As I have said many times in the past, whilst it is tempting to take a free domain, my advice is to always register your domain and host your website with different companies.

Hosting24 offer free website hosting through their 000webhost brand. It’s worth looking into if you have no budget and you can migrate to premium plans easily when you are ready.

Final Thoughts

I haven’t personally hosted with Hosting24 myself as my websites are already hosted elsewhere, however I was impressed with their service. Their plans are extremely competitive price wise and their control panel has everything you need to build a website and maintain it.

As with anything, you have a duty to do research and look around for the best hosting package that suits you. That being said, I think you will find it hard to find a hosting solution as cheap as Hosting24 that also offers 24 hour live chat support.

Thanks for reading.


* I was paid to check out Hosting24, however paid reviews are no guarantee of a positive review. They only guarantee that I will look at the service and do an honest review. Please visit my advertising page for more information.

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