How to Build a Mining Rig

To the dismay of gamers everywhere, GPU mining really took off in 2017 due to the rise of Ethereum.

This has attracted a lot of people to Cryptocurrency who want to build their own mining rigs; many of which have no experience in building PCs.

I recently entered the world of Cryptocurrency myself. I initially built a 24 GPU rig which contained three rigs of eight 1060 6GBs.

I learned a lot during that setup and decided to share the process with my YouTube viewers recently.

Building a Mining Rig

In the video below I document every single stage of building a mining rig. It’s around 55 minutes long so I encourage you to grab a tea or coffee and sit back and watch it.

How to Build a Mining Rig

Those of you who have built PCs before will have no problems building a mining rig. Those who haven’t may find the task of building a computer daunting, but do not be put off. I have no doubt that novices will be able to build a mining rig too if they do their research.

Happy Building.


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