I aquired System0.com

I have been using the domain name System0.net for my online presence (ie. my home page) since 2002. I never really thought about getting the .com but I checked recently and saw that the owner was selling it through Sedo. When I first registered the name I of course checked for the .com domain but it was taken but I was happy with .net as I branded all my sites as ‘Part of the System0 Network’ (ie.,net represents network).

I put in the initial bid of $60 but it was rejected, obviously. The owner came back with $500 and we eventually settled on $250. I don’t really have any plans on using it but over the last few years I have been using the System0 name more and more on forums and profiles etc so I thought it would be good to grab the .com domain. In that respect, I think I did ok to get it at such a low price (granted the domain is only really valuable to me).

I’m currently redirecting System0.com to the .net domain but if you have any suggestions for what I could do with the domain please let me know :)

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