I’ve resisted long enough, I’m now on Twitter!

I have read about Twitter numerous times in the last year however I constantly resisted invitations to join Twitter. Although I could see the benefits of using it, I just didn’t want something else wasting my time (msn messenger and skype waste a few hours every week for me as it is!). Jason Blanton emailed me once or twice a few months ago and told me to start tweeting but still I resisted – you see the problem is I know I will waste my time on it!!

However, in the last month or so I have so many people join Twitter and use it to network that I have no choice but to try it out as well. Dozens of bloggers who I follow on a weekly basis have recently joined including Nate Whitehill, John Chow, Jim Kukral, Darren Rowse, Zac Johhson, Andy Beal and Chris Garrett.

So, if you’re into Twitter, feel free to follow my rants at http://twitter.com/system0.


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