50 Inspiring Business Card Designs

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In a world where every man and his dog carries a business card, it can be hard to stand out. Most people who receive business cards smile when they receive one and then get rid of them a few hours later. Some are lucky enough to find themselves at the back of a wallet.

You therefore need to do something different to stand out; and that is exactly what many people are doing. They are designing unique business cards that are fun, unique, and interesting.

In this article, I would like to show you fifty of the best business card designs. I am sure they will help inspire your own design.

1. Mile Deep Films & Television

Mile Deep Films & Television Business Card

2. Severine

Severine Business Card

3. Fuelhaus Business Cards

Fuelhaus Business Cards

4. Experience The Serengeti Biz Cards

Experience The Serengeti Biz Cards

5. Personal branding

Personal Branding Business Card

6. Easel Business Card

Easel Business Card

7. Ye Olde Studio Cards

Ye Olde Studio Cards Business Card

8. Cards of Business – Part 3

Cards of Business - Part 3

9. Look & Do It Business Cards

Look & Do It Business Card

10. TagToy

TagToy Business Card

11. Antonios

Antonios Business Card

12. The High Five Factory

The High Five Factory Business Card

13. Silk Laminated Business Cards

Silk Laminated Business Cards

14. JHP Business Cards

JHP Business Cards

15. Sliced Bread Business Cards

Sliced Bread Business Card

16. Letterpress Business Card printed on Thick Paper

Letterpress Business Card printed on Thick Paper

17. Business Card Wood

Business Card Wood

18. Techlion Corporate Branding Project

Techlion Corporate Branding Project Business Card

19. Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress Business Cards

20. We Love Design

We Love Design Business Card

21. Black & White Letterpress

Black & White Letterpress

22. Zoum Business Cards

Zoum Business Cards

23. Kevin Bongang Business Card

Kevin Bongang Business Card

24. iPhone Business cards

iPhone Business cards

25. Self promotion

Self promotion Business Card

26. Metal steel business cards

Metal steel business cards

27. Americana Tattooing Letterpress

Americana Tattooing Letterpress

28. That’s a Brave Brick Kiln Farm

That's a Brave Brick Kiln Farm

29. Virgult

Virgult Businness Card

30. New business cards

New business cards

31. Round Letterpress Business Cards

Round Letterpress Business Cards

32. Emily Wong Business Card

Emily Wong Business Card

33. 60 DEGREE STUDIO Business Cards

60 DEGREE STUDIO Business Card

34. TypeEd Business Cards

TypeEd Business Cards

35. Keong Saik Snacks Business Card

Keong Saik Snacks Business Card

36. Metal Steel Business Cards

Metal Steel Business Cards

37. Llama business

Llama business Card

38. Milky

Milky Business Card

39. Bete Business Cards

Bete Business Cards

40. Wooden Business Card

Wooden Business Card

41. Bidness Cards

 Bidness Cards Business Card

42. School Business Card

School business card

43. Hawaii Tours Business Card

Hawaii Tours Business Card

44. New Business Cards

New Business Cards

45. Transparent Colored Business Card

Transparent Colored Business Card

46. Design For Good Letterpress Business Cards

Design For Good Letterpress Business Cards

47. Carrie Wong Business Card

Carrie Wong Business Card

48. Ronald Paredes Business Card

Ronald Paredes Business Card

49. Harbor Electric Business Cards

Harbor Electric Business Cards

50. Tint Plastic Business Card

Tint Plastic Business Card

I hope you enjoyed the list. Please feel free to post any other great business card designs that you have seen :)


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