How to Handle Internet Trolls and Negative Comments

Internet trolls are always looking to abuse and amuse. Trolls only want to do one thing: Get a rise out of people. They want to annoy people, they want to frustrate them, they want to see people get angry. They want to make themselves better by putting other people down.

If you give your opinion on the internet, whether it be on your blog, a forum, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit etc, you are going to have to deal with internet trolls at one point or another. It is unavoidable.

Do Not Feed the Trolls
Anti-troll warnings are common on forum boards.

How you handle trolls can influence how other people see you on the internet. Getting offended is rarely the best way to deal with them. It will encourage the troll, and other trolls, to post more comments towards you.

I believe the best way to handle comments from trolls is to delete or ignore. If a troll leaves a message on your blog, simply delete it. If a troll posts something negative on a public website that is out of your control, be it a blog you do not own, a discussion forum, or social media service, ignoring them is the best option. As the saying goes: Do Not Feed the Trolls.

How to Handle Internet Trolls and Negative Comments

I recorded a video about trolls and negative comments yesterday. In the video I talk about the best way to handle trolling comments, abusive comments, and spam comments. I hope you enjoy the video.

How do you deal with trolls and negative comments?

Please leave a comment below and give your opinion on the issue :)


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