An Interview with Jerry Low

Jerry Low is a blogger and internet marketer who has found success in a number of different niches. He is known for his hosting directory website WebHostingSecretRevealed. I have written articles for Jerry in the past and he has always been a pleasure to work with.

Today I would like to bring you an interview he recently took part in for you all. In the interview he talks about his history from working online, his successes where his skills lie. I hope you enjoy the interview :)

When did you first start working online?

I started building website in 2002. Back then I was a Flash 5 fan-boy and enjoyed making Flash animations. I built website to publish and share my work with the world. I got inspired by my best friend, James Yap (who’s a very successful affiliate marketer) and made my first affiliate site,, in 2004.

One of your first websites was about Forex. Why did you start a website on that topic?

I was diversifying my income streams and exploring new fields. Forex seems like a profitable industry (it is!) and I have no problem writing financial/investing content as I started investing in early days.

You later sold Go Learn Forex to a bank in 2008. How did that sale come about?

The sale of Go Learn Forex was totally unplanned. The site had about six to eight major advertisers in 2007/08. One of the advertisers, a bank in Cyprus, was very happy with the results and wanted more advertising spaces. We spent weeks to discuss how things can be done. Eventually the bank decided to buy my site and made me an offer. The price was too good to reject and the transaction was done within a week.

How did you fall into the hosting niche?

My hosting review sites, namely (WHSR) and the others, were first started as a side project.

I once managed over 30 websites in the same time and had access to lots of different hosting accounts. There were many unused domain space in each account (the standard shared hosting account allows you to add up to 6 domains in one account back in 2008). So I had the idea of adding one extra domain on each account for testing purpose and I would write a review on each host at WHSR.

The idea worked, WHSR grew slowly into a popular hosting review site, and my hobby site turned into a business.


What are your long term goals for the site?

I have big dream in WHSR – it will become one of the most trusted resources for web hosting shoppers. I am now developing a new feature for the site; and more useful hosting reviews and web development guide are coming in near future.

Where do you feel your skills lie online: Are you a jack of all trades or do have experience in key areas?

You need to be in the know of almost everything when you run solo in business. However, that does not mean you need to do everything by yourself. I am extremely passionate about search so my feet are all wet in SEO and SEM. On the other hand, I prefer not to spend too much time in writing – hence, I normally will outsource part of the writing job to other talented writers like your good self.

You have found a lot of success as a website owner and blogger. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting off working online?

One, done is better than perfect. Stop waiting for all the stars to align, it will never happen. Whatever you have in mind today – whether it is a new business idea or a new web marketing trick, just go try it out.

Two, get a noise filter. Seriously, the Internet is too crowded and too noisy. Be careful whose advice you buy, and as always, the best way to gain knowledge of something is to learn from your own mistake.

What does the future hold for you and your websites?

I would be lying to you if I tell you that I know the answer to this question. The Internet business world is changing too fast and it is impossible to predict what comes next. We can only do our best and wish for the best.

Thanks to Jerry for taking part in this interview. You can find out more about Jerry Low on Google+ and Twitter.

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