6 iPad Apps for Note-Taking and Writing

It is tricky to rely on memory alone to remember what you have read, heard or seen. According to Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience, we only recall 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see and 50% of what we see and hear.

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The percentage increases significantly to 70% if we say and write the information we receive. Pen and paper are not always handy, and notes on paper can get disorganized too. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to write and take notes using a handy iPad.

These apps can be used to list tasks, reminders, ideas, recipe ingredients, etc. Essays writers use a lot of them to organize and ease their job. They can also be used to take notes during meetings and conferences. They can also be used simply for fun like doing doodles and sketches.

Free iPad Writing Apps


This app allows you to capture and save your brilliant ideas as they come. The ideas that come can be retrieved any time of the day, wherever you may be. Aside from your iPad, the information saved can also be accessed on any of your devices.

Unlike notes that are written on paper where you need to scan for ages to find something you need, the data saved in this app can easily be found using the search bar. This app also allows sharing so you can connect to your loved ones through your sketches and writings.

Evernote iPad App
Evernote helps you organize your projects.


Handwriting has plenty of benefits for our brain. Reap the benefits of this art combined with the convenience of technology with the use of Penultimate. This app allows you to write and sketch naturally. It is combined with Evernote’s feature of syncing and searching. Use it just like your traditional pen and paper,but in an easier and more productive way.

You can choose any color of ink. The strokes will look natural and neat since the app has wrist protection feature. Choose a background depending on your preference or import a picture as your background. As you write, the page will move along with your pace.

Penultimate iPad App
Penultimate supports sketching and handwriting.


This is a superstar word processor app for mobile devices. It allows you to create beautifully written outputs in just a few minutes. You can write documents using the screen keyboard or a wireless keyboard. You can format your text as you wish with different options of formatting. Pictures and videos can be inserted into the document. You can even create tables using this app.

There are also advanced writing options including footnotes of word and character counts, auto lists and auto spellchecks. Create impressive graphics of different kinds of charts. It has an undo icon if you want to go back.

Access your document from different devices using iCloud. This app instantly saves documents as you do them. Your docs can easily be sent to anyone nearby using AirDrop. The link to your work can be shared to different social media sites. You can even print the document wirelessly using AirPrint.

Pages iPad App
Pages is a beautiful writing app with many useful features.

Premium iPad Writing Apps


This app is a great tool for a writer, blogger, student or anyone who loves to write. Ulysses features a powerful but easy to use text editor and library. It has abundant layouts to choose from. This app is built to make writing easier and more fun.

The library can give you references and inspiration you need to upgrade your writing. There is an endless supply of novels, blogs, manuscripts and every literary piece you need. The final written piece can be saved into PDF, web page, word document or ebook.

You can write using a fullscreen or typewriter mode. The app is architectured in a way to increase focus and productivity. Editing is made easier with its spell checker and autocorrection. Images, links, and footnotes can easily be inserted into the text.

Ulysses iPad App
Ulysses syncs across all your Apple devices.

iA Writer

This app upgrades your writing experience and makes it more beautiful. You can switch to Microsoft Word and back if you want to. It can also be formatted using HTML and PDF. Written outputs using this app can be shared to Wordpress and Medium.

You can be productive even in dim light conditions with its night mode feature. Find out the reading time and word count using this app.

iA Writer iPad App
iA Writer simplifies the writing process.

Textilus Pro

This impressive app is great for students, writers and entrepreneurs. It is an all-in-one writing and note taking app for someone who wants to boost productivity. This app will help you research, brainstorm and write without distractions.

Textilus Pro allows you to store as many documents as you wish. You can change the paper size and margins to match your academic or business requirement. You can insert images or do your own sketches within the document. There are plenty of fonts to choose from and you can even install a new one.

Formatting options include bold, italic, highlight, text color, alignment and more. You can insert special symbols and different graphics. No need to scan your signature because it can be done using your finger with this app. You can keep track of the word count, character count and reading time of your document.

Textilus Pro iPad App
Textilus Pro helps you view and edit documents on the move.

What’s your favorite writing app for the iPad? Let us know in the comment area below :)


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