Koh Pha Ngan

I’ve now been in Koh Pha Ngan for 8 days and as yet I have done nothing constructive. I haven’t did any day trips, I haven’t hired a bike to travel around the island and I haven’t done…..well I haven’t did anything except from drink.

I didn’t want to drink much during this trip but I have been out everynight as theres not much to do otherwise. Plus, the place where I’m staying has a pool party every 2 days and on the other days theres pool parties at other hotels.

I’m having a blast though and have met some good people. My friend Jim, who I trained with in Phuket, is flying over on the 7th so it will be good catching up with him. Hopefully his arrival will encourage us to do something semi-productive but who knows.

The full moon party is on the 11th and it is going to be mad here with over 30,000 people or more crammed onto haad rin beach, which itself is pretty small. My friend from Derby, Chris, might be heading back down from Chang Mai for it too so it should be a fun crazy week of drinking!

I have been training every day. The place where I’m staying has an old disgusting gym so I have been doing an hours training every day. Obviously thats a lot less than the 5+ hours I was doing in Phuket but theres only so much I can do with my legs still in a bad way and at the very least, it will maintain my fitness level until I get home.

I’ve been meaning to update this blog more in the last week or so but there isn’t wifi anywhere here and using the internet is quite expensive anyways.

My plans

We will probably leave Koh Pha Ngan shortly after the full moon party. If we are flying up to Bangkok then we could always stop in Koh Samui for a few days and relax. Or we could just head towards Bangkok. I fly home on March 24th so I will have a week or so to enjoy myself before coming home.


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