Lesbos locals lose lesbian appeal

I finally got off my ass and did some work today. I arrived back from my 2 weeks holiday in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, on Sunday night. Yesterday was pretty much a write off with regards to work as I hadn’t slept much Friday and Saturday night so my body was playing catch up yesterday.

Anyways, I thought I would post about a funny story I read today on BBC. Today, people from the Greek island of Lesbos lost an appeal to stop gay women around the world calling themselves Lesbians. The guy who started the case, Dimitris Lambrou, said that islanders refer to themselves as Lesbians and the term has disgraced them for years.

I can appreciate that islanders may now be embarrassed and frustrated by what Lesbian means in todays world but I think it will be impossible to change the meaning of the word, particularly since Gay Women have been calling themselves Lesbians for years. I’d say they have as much chance as making the term ‘Gay’ mean fun and happy again.

Full Story : Lesbos locals lose lesbian appeal

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