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Next week I am publishing an interview with email marketer Travis Petelle. I got to know Travis via Warrior Forum. He’a wrote a lot of great posts over there so I wanted to ask him a few questions about email marketing; a subject which I am very I interested in myself.

Whilst chatting on Skype a few days ago he advised me that he was releasing a new product entitled List Building Maniacs Cheat Sheets. It includes 8 small cheat sheets to give you a basic understanding of the principles of building a list and monetizing it.

Each PDF document is pretty short. I would have preferred for everything to have been collated into one document however Travis clearly wanted to produce something that was both quick to read and quick to reference.

Each document has the book cover at the front. Disregarding these covers, there are 42 pages in total.

Here is a brief rundown of each cheat sheet:

  1. Find Your Niche (2 Pages)
  2. Choose The Product (3 Pages)
  3. The Email Sequence (3 Pages)
  4. The List System 6 Pages)
  5. The Website (7 Pages)
  6. The First 500 Subs (10 Pages)
  7. Joint Ventures (5 Pages)
  8. List Money Makers (7 Pages)

Travis has also thrown in a few extra bonus products for those who buy List Building Maniacs Cheat Sheets:

  • List Building Maniacs Cheat Sheet Mind Map – A fantastic mind map that explains how you can grow your list using a variety of methods.
  • Stealth List Building – A 38 minute interview with marketing expert Keith Dougherty that is available in audio and video format. It’s also been transcribed into a 34 page PDF document for your convenience. In the interview Keith explains how to build a list of rabid buyers without selling anything.
  • VIP Access into List Building Maniacs Anonymous – An exclusive Skype group for people who are trying to grow their list.

The book would be useful for beginners who have a basic understanding of the main concepts of email marketing and need a step by step guide to follow. A lot of useful resources are listed too. These cheat sheets go on sale today. The price is starting at $7 and will increase by a few pennies every time a copy is sold until the price reaches $17. It comes with a 100% 365 day money back guarantee too.

There’s some great info in the cheat sheets and the interview with Keith Dougherty is great too.

List Building Maniacs Cheat Sheet Mind Map

It’s worth checking out if you have an email list and are looking for an overview of all the key concepts of email marketing. If you like the look of the book, make sure you grab a copy today in order to take advantage of the reduced price.


Link: List Building Maniacs Cheat Sheets

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