75 Cool Logo Design Ideas for 2014

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Logos are used in every element of a company’s branding. They are used prominently in the header of a company’s website, in their stationary, in videos, with social media accounts, and in other promotional material.

I have always found the logo creation process difficult because I never know where to start. This makes it hard to create a basic logo myself or advise a designer what I want them to do. The only solution to this problem is to get inspired.

In this article, I would like to show you 75 great logo designs that will inspire you for your own projects.

1. Lick Me…I’m Delicious

Lick Me Im Delicious Logo

2. Don Snack

Don Snack Logo

3. Brooklyn & CO

Brooklyn & CO Logo

4. Copper Kettle Naja Imperial Red IPA


5. Self Branding

Self Branding Logo

6. Raccoon Laundry

Raccoon Laundry Logo

7. Barber Of Seville

Barber Of Seville Logo

8. W is for Wood

W is for Wood Logo


Sopra Logo

10. Screen Shot 2014 01 15

Screen Shot 2014 01 15 Logo

11. Fly Co

Fly Co. Aerial Photography Logo

12. Ungdoms Galla 2014

Ungdoms Galla 2014 Logo

Wilderman Logo

14. Plumbline Media Identity

Plumbline Media Identity Logo

Hudddle Logo

16. Gautama

Gautama Logo

17. Thanks

Thanks Logo

18. Icon

Icon Logo

19. Portfolio Branding v5

Portfolio-Branding-v5 Logo

Children's Books Logo

21. Hideout Animal Rescue

Hideout Animal Rescue Logo

22. Medium Rare Wordmark

Medium Rare Wordmark Logo

23. Blikdani

Blikdani Logo

24. Rockvillage

Rockvillage Logo

25. Brat Wursty

Brat Wursty Logo

26. Outside Lands

Outside Lands Logo

27. East Side – Tee Design

East Side - Tee Design Logo

28. Swiss Hotel

Swiss Hotel Logo

29. Lunetta

Lunetta Logo

30. Fiorella Mark

Fiorella Mark Logo

31. The Super Six

The Super Six Logo

32. Philadelphia Motor Works

Philadelphia Motor Works Logo

33. Bold Jack lettering

Bold Jack lettering Logo

34. Unify

Unify Logo

35. Shaun Fenn Photography

Shaun Fenn Photography Logo

36. Braxton

Braxton Free Font Logo

37. Illuminati

Illuminati Logo

38. Memento Font

Memento Font Logo



40. Olde Town Shops

Olde Town Shops Logo

41. Oposite

Oposite Logo

42. Wakarusa

Wakarusa Logo

The Sticker Club logo

44. History Turned Upside Down

History Turned Upside Down Logo

45. Discovery Interior Sections

Discovery Interior Sections Logo

46. Meatlovers

Meatlovers Logo

47. 13 Stripes Brewery

13 Stripes Brewery Logo

48. New DKNG Shirt

New DKNG Shirt Logo

49. Kinetic Cafe

Kinetic Cafe Logo

50. GamePilot

GamePilot Logo

51. Wildcard Storymakers

Wildcard Storymakers Logo

Tipsterspot Logo

53. Rustica

Rustica Logo

54. Pancracio Bakery

Pancracio Bakery Logo

55. Todays News Post

Todays News Post Logo

56. Dark Horse Press

Dark-Horse Press Logotype Design

57. Icon

Icon Logo

58. Cocobolo

Cocobolo Logo

59. Holly Burger

Holly Burger Logo

60. Mojo Petite

Mojo Petite Logo

61. Logo&Type

Logo Type Handlettering

62. Ainoa

Ainoa Logo

63. Sour Project

Sour Project Logo

64. Lettering Collection 2014

Lettering Collection 2014

Local 215 Logo


67. The Cake Crew

The Cake Crew Logo

68. Studio Veel Soepz!

Studio Veel Soepz Logo

69. Suburbia

Suburbia Logo

Crowned Traders Logo

71. Lettering

Lettering Logo

72. BaconCream

BaconCream Logo

73. Sugar Mama

Sugar Mama Logo

74. Stereo

Stereo Logo

75. Broadway Civic Center

Broadway Civic Center Logo

I hope you have enjoyed this list of cool logo designs. What was your favourite logo design?


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