London Baby!

Well I’m off for a much needed break to London for the weekend with 8 friends. It’s my birthday this weekend (turning 30…eeeek!) but the other reason we are going down is to see Celtic play in the Wembley Cup, a friendly tournament which includes Tottenham, Champions League winners FC Barcelona and Egyptian champions Al Ahly. We play Al Ahly tonight and Tottenham on Sunday.

Getting the 8am train down to London (yeah I know I’m up early!) shortly, which in itself should be a good laugh. I’m bringing my poker set and my mate Andy is bringing a cool box and more importantly, a slab of beer to go in it.

Staying in Kings Cross til Monday. This will be my 5th time to London yet I’ve still never been in or around the city centre (I’ve stayed in Shepherds Bush, Luton, Woolwich and Fulham). So it will good to see some more of London, at the very least I’ll get to see the new Wembley Stadium.

Will be meeting up with some friends who stay down London as well. All in all it should be a great trip.

Hope you all have a good weekend. I will be enjoying the last few days of my 20s and embracing the responsibility and maturity which gentlemen acquire when they reach their 30s….yeah right!

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